Love In Motoring

Love in Motoring

It has been a few years now. The beginning of an adventure I pray never to end. There are many things that forge a lasting relationship in life, allowing people to grow with one another and share in an adventure that raises high the human existence. It is funny when nestled prominently among those things…


Fall Fun

Take one crazy farmer, a beautiful September day in Michigan, and MG car enthusiasts and it all leads to…an unforgettable time! Farmer Bill Hirsch, our current Old Speckled Hens president, who apparently doesn’t have enough to do, decided that if he took out 5 rows of corn it would be possible to make a maze…

Li'l red

Li’l Red Rides Again

Back in 1970 I passed up a chance at an MGB GT, and I had wanted one ever since. In my most recent years of retirement I pressed my wife for permission to buy a driver, or to find a fixer-upper that I could work on. I am not without some hands-on experience—in 1963 I…

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Shop Focus – Porter Customs

Having walked through the doors of countless shops that work on British sports cars, it seems as if an overwhelming majority are small, cramped and packed to the rafters with parts accumulated over the decades. In this respect, Porter Customs is no different than hundreds of other specialty shops around the country. What sets this…

Leif Jacobsen 1934 MG NA

Leif Storms Laguna

Last weekend, at the Monterey Motorsport Reunion, better known to us crusty old timers as the Monterey Historics, Moss salesman Leif Jacobsen got his first crack at the Corkscrew. Racing his family’s 1934 MG NA racer, Leif showed his potential with a solid driving performance. The car, purchased by Leif’s grandfather, and progressively modified for…


The Miata’s Pure Blood

The phrase pur sang (pure blood) has long been associated with the genius of Ettore Bugatti and his cars from Molsheim.  Adorned – more often than not in Bleu de France ­– Bugattis are unequivocal jewels that share an essence that imbues each unique car (regardless of model or type) with the same qualities emblematic of every other…

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