For the Love of the Wedge: Owning a TR7

On graduation night in 1972 I traded cars. I got to drive a TR-4, and it was love.  But at 6′-4″ that love wasn’t going to last.  Enter a TR-7 drop-head 25 years later.  The car was cheap, I could fit,  and I passed everything on the highway.  I never had an issue with that…


1976 Jensen GT Restoration

Picture this: It’s 1976, in San Francisco, Ca. at a BMC dealer service department. A lady drives in with her new Aruba Red 1976 Jensen GT complaining of overheating. Now, she has been here before, and they just can’t seem to solve the problem. It just keeps overheating while she is driving around the city. She sits in the spacious…


So-Cal MG Club Trip To Moss Motors

At 7:10 am, Zelda arrived at the Malibu Country Mart located at 3835 Cross Creek Road, Malibu for a quick breakfast and to gas up the MGB. The Driver’s Meeting was scheduled to start at 7:45 a.m., to discuss the route and leisurely drive to Moss Motors. The morning was cold and over-cast. Jim Heaton arrived…


My Dad’s MGB

I got this ’75 MGB from my Dad’s good old days. One day when it stopped running, he tried to fix it and started putting it apart, but after a while, changed his mind and focus on other projects. 10 years after looking at the car sitting at his house backyard, I asked him if it was ok if I…


Restoring an MG-TC: Car 7676

Built on January 21, 1949, in Abingdon, England, Car 7676 was one of 10,000 MG TC models built between 1945 and 1949. However, car 7676 is one of only 494 TC’s made especially for the United States and thus carries the designation EXU for “export model”- note it remained a right sided drive. Feedback from…


UPS Shipping Rate Change

An important part of delivering professional and timely service is to provide helpful information that gives customers an accurate expectations of our products and the costs involved. If you have questions about specific parts or price changes that are unexpected, please bring your question to your salesperson or contact Moss Customer Service. Your satisfaction is very…


A Breath of New Life: an MG-TF Modification

I am a retired engineer tech of a major telecommunications company, but my hobby and passion is sportscar racing and restoration. I have been both an official and crewed at Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and International Motor Sports Association (IMSA)  events, including the 24 of Daytona, Sebring 12 hours, Road Atlanta, and SCCA national…


Shop Profile – Leyland British

British sports cars are ideal cars for the spring, summer and fall in New England. Winter? Not so much, but for the other three seasons the winding rural roads and abundant foliage make for perfect conditions to enjoy your car outside the crowded cities and busy freeways. As the number of repair shops specializing in…


Less than Ideal Conditions

By Dave Mendenhall Artwork provided by Pam Johnson.  You can see more of her artwork on Facebook. I had been snow skiing with friends across the border in New Brunswick, Canada. It was 1968, I had Rossignals strapped to the ski rack of my 1963 TR4, and I had a 150-mile trip in a monster…


Vintage Victor

For earning the most points with a pre-1960s vehicle in the 2015 Motoring Challenge, Scott and Nancy Gilbert won the Vintage Victor Award. This is their story: My wife Nancy and I are privileged to be the current custodians of MGTD #16872, otherwise known as Sassy Cathy. She came to me from my cousin who…

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