MG Modification- Midget V8 Project

By Ron Hourigan I’m 72 years old and have been an MGB lover for 40 years, having owned 10 of them. I’m also a retired corporate jet pilot and have been racing Fords for 40 years in late model stock cars. I always had in the back of my mind putting a small block Ford engine and…


British Sports Car Hall of Fame

You come for the cars, but you stay for the people. While this enduring maxim has been applied to all manner of automotive activities, it is especially true in the British sports car hobby, which has been populated with legendary figures and memorable personalities since the vehicles first appeared in significant numbers on American roads…


Press Release: British Sports Car Hall of Fame

Moss Motors Press Release 11/18/2016: for immediate distribution Moss Motors will host the inaugural British Sports Car Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Friday, June 2, 2017 from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. at their Sales and Distribution Facility in Petersburg, Virginia. The British Sports Car Hall of Fame was established in 2016 to honor the…


A Year of Points

By Adam Ford January in Vermont. The wind slides over the top of the Green Mountains, scouring them clean of any new snow, leaving a frozen scalp of hardpack, testing the skill of skiers and making the jobs of the groomers, driving their snowcats through the night, that much harder. The winds may be less…


Souvenirs and Socket Sets

Driving an MG-TC to the Gathering of the Faithful by Norman Tuck Sunday I was up at 6:30am, filled with exuberance. I’m usually on artist’s time: late to bed, up by 10. But this day was special. Allan and Terry and I were going to the GOF West. My pack looked so-o neat bungeed to…


MGA With A Bit of a Cough

Moss Tech 101 with guest lecturer, Eric Glomstad My brother Cal has owned his 1959 MGA since High School. It was his first car in 1974 and he cherishes it now as he did then. He called me to say that his beloved had developed a cough upon acceleration and asked for a little advice…


Chicago or/and Bust

By Kerry “Danger” Fores I would have been in a tight spot had a speaker not just been stolen from my 1968 Triumph GT6. That fortunate theft is why on this day in 1986 I had one tool in my car, rather than none. But as I looked down on a squalid Chicago neighborhood from…



A good many of the cars we deal with don’t use nuts and bolts that can be purchased from the corner hardware store. Much maligned and misunderstood, Whitworth hardware used on older British cars has quite an interesting history.   Threaded fasteners go back a long way. In 1568, the first practical screw cutting machine…


The Longest Drive

by Steve McCarthy My buddy Bill and I were in our twenties. For a couple of years, we’d made the trek from Pasadena to Laguna Seca for the Annual Bruce and Denny Show, aka, the CanAm races. Screaming, ground-pounding, unlimited prototype “sports cars.” You remember those? If not, ask your father. Or grandfather.   Anyway,…


How to Ruin a Car Show

It’s easy. Just tell a proud owner you’re putting their car in this class, when they want to be in that one. I’ve seen it happen before, and likely been responsible myself. After hosting the British Car Festival in California for five years, and now preparing for our second Motorfest next summer, we’re still trying…

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