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My MG-TC Legacy

My MG-TC Legacy By James Beal It was the late ‘60s. I was between classes when I spotted an Austin Healey Mk-1 Sprite in a parking lot. I left a note with my name and phone number just in case the owner would consider selling the car. That call never came. Several years later, the…

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2018 Moss Motoring Challenge: Bucket List

Allen Decker We entered the MG Club of St Louis into the St. Patirck’s Day Parade.  My kids, as all kids do, love a parade. I drove my cherished Midget with my oldest daughter in this event.  It was a great day and a memory we will never forget! Andrew Hardie Tombstone has been on…

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Bet on Blue

By Adam Ford I pulled into the dirt parking lot. A small cloud of dust kicked up, then settled around my car. The black paint had a newly-washed shine but it wasn’t going to stay that way for long—the settling dust was only the first coat of many—it was race day. I scanned the parking…

14. All tucked in for the night in the staff parking lot at The Majestic

2018 Central Coast British Car Club Mille Tour

2018 Central Coast British Car Club Mille Tour by Joel Justin Background and Trip Prep After last year’s successful Central Coast British Car Club Mille, there was no doubt about having another. In fact, Neal and I started our planning in August, shortly after returning. Wanting to avoid some of the route “issues” we had…

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Guy Fawkes Night Celebration

By John Baldwin Every year a number of my friends and myself, being of British heritage, celebrate Guy Fawkes night on the 5th of November. This involves making an effigy of Guy Fawkes (clothing stuffed with fall leaves), which is then placed at the top of huge bonfire and burnt. The event usually includes the…



Rosey By Bill Pugh  It all began in 1985, when our daughter came to me for advice on buying her first car. She had her eyes on a Miata, and after thinking a while, I remembered some good advice I’d heard somewhere, “Every young woman should have one red convertible”. And so she did! Many…

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Teenage Triumph Tales

By Raymond Lacy In Sacramento, California, in 1959, my mother must have been having a momentous mid-life crisis due to the stresses of having to deal with me. She went out looking for a replacement for her ’49 Chevy sedan and spotted a little red sports car on a used car lot. Thus began my…

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Belts are a Cinch

Story provided by your friends in the Moss Tech Department Recently, when my neighbor’s son, Steve, started his Classic British car, sometimes I’d hear a loud squeal from the motor. Lately it’s been getting worse. Either that, or he’s waking up earlier and my ears are more sensitive when it’s dark out. One Sunday morning…

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The MGA Effect

By Scott Shnurman I’ve never written to a magazine before, but this exercise has been helpful. It’s been exactly four weeks since my best friend died. He just happened to be my Dad. Devastation is too weak a word to describe my feelings. I’m fortunate to have a car story to help pull me through…

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Jamie Pfeiffer: 1944-2018

“They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To.” This was the headline of a Moss advertisement from the late 1980s. The “camera-ready” artwork sat for decades in a dusty file cabinet—and it truly was artwork since within the ad was a drawing by Jamie Pfeiffer. Jamie worked as an illustrator at Moss Motors in the…

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