43. Vineyard- Rappahannock Cellars, 6-23-14

A Simple, Engaging Sports Car

I found that even though I am a terrible photographer, the essence of my Miata shines through the photos I took throughout the summer. A simple, pure, engaging sports car can remedy most ailments of the soul through the basic, joy-filled interaction it offers its driver. This is the barn in the vineyard where I…

jammed 2014

Shop Profile – King Triumphs

There are some people that spend their retirement doing yard work or reading quietly in a favorite chair. After 30 years as an engineer, James King decided to try and turn his hobby into a business with more success than most have in their regular careers. King Triumphs made its reputation performing TR6 restorations and…

Dahlberg in SS100 - Sept 2007

SS100 Jaguar: Sights and Sounds

Back in November of 1955, the car featured on the cover of Sports Cars Illustrated magazine was a 1939 SS100 Jaguar. The man in the driver’s seat was Dave Garroway, first host of television’s Today Show, beginning its broadcast run in 1952. He looks proud of his car, and justifiably so—only 314 of this model…

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An MGB Engine Rebuild with a Heart

A project that embodies both the tangible experience of automotive reconstruction and the humanitarian spirit behind car enthusiasm—that’s what Dale Spooner and Dick Moritz have set out to accomplish. Dale Spooner, owner of Motion Machine Inc. and a seasoned automotive machinist with experience in a range of engines (British and domestic, alike), and Dick Moritz,…

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A Sprite, True Love and the Cold War

1963 was a bad year to fall in love with a girl from the German Democratic Republic – especially if you lived in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Berlin Wall had been erected two years earlier to stem the tide of East Germans seeking to cross the border that divided Berlin between the East…


My First Drive in an MG

It was a gorgeous fall day in November, 2013. Perfect weather around 50 degrees. I was getting ready to help my parents ‘winterize’ their deck when I received a call that my best friend was close by in his 1975 MG Midget. I asked him to stop over to chit-chat for a short while and…

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Video: MGB at Point Reyes

We would like to take a moment and thank you for all you do for the British motoring enthusiast community. Your level of customer service, product knowledge and online technical support have proven invaluable in completing our MGB restoration project. I wanted to support my 19-year old son’s desire to pursue a career in the…

Lily Mitchell

Kids Drawing Cars

Some kids draw horses or dinosaurs. Other kids, those whose parents drive the most beloved, smile-inducing vehicles on the planet—they draw cars. It gives us great pleasure to display the work of these young artists and future motoring enthusiasts. The future of the hobby is in the hands of kids just like these. Will our…

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