Auction Report – H & H Auctions

Given that the overwhelming majority of British sports car production in the postwar era went to fill export orders, these cars are typically more valued in their land of creation than they are here in the United States. As such, it’s always helpful to check prices across the pond to see how the market is…


Let’s Be Careful Out There

A close friend of mine was once married to Michael Conrad who is best remembered for his Emmy Award winning portrayal of Sergeant Phil Esterhaus on the police drama Hill Street Blues. In his role as the soft-spoken squad leader, Conrad was known for his parting words to his officers at the end of each…


Lap of Luxury – MG SA and MG WA

  There is a tendency to think that real MG history starts with the immortal T-Series cars that was introduced in 1936 and would eventually lead to the MGA and MGB that would sell in numbers never before reached – and seldom matched since – in a sports car built for two. Most loyalists of…


Odd Couple – MG and NASCAR

MG and NASCAR? There is nothing wrong with your vision. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are now in control of the transmission … Okay, so it’s not The Outer Limits, but understandably, the images that you see below may seem shocking given that we normally discuss British sports cars and only British…


Still Born – MG Project ADO70

Despite the fact that the MGB and Midget soldiered on through the 70s with few changes (except for those mandated by increasingly more stringent safety regulations) it doesn’t mean that the crew at Abingdon wasn’t hard at work on developing new models for sale alongside – or in place of – those stalwarts. Due to…


Men in Sheds – MGB Costello V8

Little known in the United States, the MGB Costello V8 is admired as one of the most historically important variants of the car produced. A skilled engineer and talented racing driver, Ken Costello saw a need to increase the performance of the standard MGB without resorting to measures that would adversely affect reliability. Costello considered…

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Mr. Big Healey – John Chatham

With the moniker of Mr. Big Healey, John Chatham has earned his status as one of the storied marque’s most legendary men. Across four decades, Chatham piloted DD300 – an Austin-Healey 3000 – on tracks around the world and became famous as one of the fastest drivers of the era. Chatham’s father purchased a garage…

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