A Breath of New Life: an MG-TF Modification

I am a retired engineer tech of a major telecommunications company, but my hobby and passion is sportscar racing and restoration. I have been both an official and crewed at Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and International Motor Sports Association (IMSA)  events, including the 24 of Daytona, Sebring 12 hours, Road Atlanta, and SCCA national…


Shop Profile – Leyland British

British sports cars are ideal cars for the spring, summer and fall in New England. Winter? Not so much, but for the other three seasons the winding rural roads and abundant foliage make for perfect conditions to enjoy your car outside the crowded cities and busy freeways. As the number of repair shops specializing in…


Less than Ideal Conditions

By Dave Mendenhall Artwork provided by Pam Johnson.  You can see more of her artwork on Facebook. I had been snow skiing with friends across the border in New Brunswick, Canada. It was 1968, I had Rossignals strapped to the ski rack of my 1963 TR4, and I had a 150-mile trip in a monster…


Vintage Victor

For earning the most points with a pre-1960s vehicle in the 2015 Motoring Challenge, Scott and Nancy Gilbert won the Vintage Victor Award. This is their story: My wife Nancy and I are privileged to be the current custodians of MGTD #16872, otherwise known as Sassy Cathy. She came to me from my cousin who…


The Safety Dance

When an Austin-Healey 100 and Triumph TR3 were new, they held a significant performance edge over family sedans such as the Chevrolet 210 and Ford Fairlane, with faster acceleration, better braking and nimbler handling. Today, however, even a Toyota Camry or Ford Explorer will not only out drag the fastest Healey, MG or Triumph by…


Near Miss

By Donnel Schmidt It was back in the mid-1960s and I was out of funding to support both college and racing my 1961 TR4. I heard about and joined the fledgling fire and safety crew that Les Richter was forming out at Riverside International Raceway just to keep my hand in the game—and, if the…


Put-In-Bay Race Reunion

Story by Walt J. Peterson Photos by Stu Kerr Step off of the Port Clinton ferry onto the island and you can imagine this is Nassau, 1955, Speed Week. On this warm morning, sports cars with electrician’s tape numbers are parked along the sidewalk while their owners and companions raid tourist shops and sip drinks…


Today we have a set of ignition points in our shop. He’s agreed to let us ask him a few questions. Mr. Ignition Points, can you tell us what your job is? What do you do in our car? “I tell the coil when to fire a spark.” Is that a hard job? “It can…


Studio 65

By John and Emma Kit Whether it was driving her pedal car or going to car shows, my daughter Emma has always been keen about cars and very enthusiastic when she was able to experience them up close. But being able to “drive” them was the most fun for her. When I introduced Emma to…


Abram Was Here

By Abram Perry It was a cool day on the Ohio River. The wind had picked up, and I had to dig in a bit harder with my paddle to keep the bow of the canoe on course. Almost there. I had been making my way down the river for 110 days. I was filled…

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