16 days. 12 states. 6,580 miles.

…and only one pair of shoes. “Hello, my name is Rex. Oh! Next to me is my “cup holder,” Jeanine, wife of 49 years—plus three years of dating in high school.” That is how we started out a letter to the mayoral offices of the sixteen cities. We were hopefully spending one night and part…

CSI Distributor

Press Release: Upgraded Ignition

Moss Motors is proud to offer the CSI-Optimized Distributor. The advantage of this distributor is that it offers a fully electronic ignition system built into the correct type of Lucas distributor housing to suit your car, keeping the original appearance in the engine bay. Gone are the points and condenser and mechanical advance mechanism, all…


Press Release: LBC Puzzles!

Moss Motors is proud to offer exclusive, limited-edition puzzles featuring cutaway illustrations of classic British cars by artist David Townsend. You may recognize David’s work from our Spring/Summer 2016 Catalog covers. Each puzzle is a challenging 1008 pieces and builds out to a full 18″ x 36″ image. They come beautifully packaged in a black flip-top box…


2017 Motorfest Winners

On Saturday, June 3rd, more than 350 British sports cars and Mazda Miatas gathered at the Moss Motors Virginia facility for Motorfest. What a tremendous privilege it was to host an amazing collection of cars and get to meet so many of our customers. The weekend was certainly a treat for all the Moss staff, and we…


Now Hiring: Triumph Specialist

At Moss Motors we are proud of the experience and knowledge that our employees are able to share when serving customers and building our line of quality automotive products. Our commitment as a member of the classic British car community is to continue this tradition by adding resources and personnel that further enhance our expertise…


The Colonel’s TD

By Gerry Strachan I am a transplanted “Brit” who arrived in this country as a member of “Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Corp” in 1978, and expected to return to U.K. in 1981 after a three-year “tour of duty” at the British Embassy. Two years later, I decided I wanted to stay in the USA for a…


The Bargain Basement “B”

By Tom Porter III Sometime in late 2012, my son located an old MGB for the bargain basement price of $300. We had previously done a light restoration on his 1969 Triumph Spitfire and I had expressed a desire to strip a British roadster to its bare essence. No top, no windows, no radio, no heater,…


Press Release: New Windscreen Packing System

Our drive to continuously improve includes not only the quality of our parts and service, but also the way in which we ship our products to you. Recently Moss Motors purchased a windscreen packing machine that delivers the best protection for windscreens and also lowers the shipping weight. The packing machine fills bags with expanding…


The Color of the Day

Cream color is she Driving under an azure sky are we In amongst a man-made canyon carved out of lines of trees on either side; bursting in color Reds, yellows, oranges They come to flame one last time Before going to sleep We drive upon asphalt My cream colored car and I Amongst others; Black…


Around the World in an Austin Healey

By David and Judy Caswell How many people do you know whose car went around the world? I mean literally around the world? My Austin Healey did, and this is the story. It started back in 1956 when I was transferred to a squadron based in Port Lyautey, Morocco. The squadron was comprised of only…

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