Poetic MG

By Jan Sauls I bought my ’73 MGB from Paul Naylor Motors in August of 1973, brand new of course. It has been a very reliable car at 65K miles and is completely original. It still has original points, condenser, fuel pump, paint, and top. My son Matt is the owner of a ’74 GT and…

MGA Pond photo

Recovering a History- Do you know this MGA?

By Harry Buberniak Back in the 60’s, my dad had two project cars that were on his waiting list to be freshened up. One was a 1955 thunderbird with the steering wheel on the left and the other was a 1953 MGTD with the steering wheel on the right. Both cars were in running condition but…

tr3a Oct 5 2016 1st drive in 43 years

Reborn- 1959 TR3A

By Bob Swanson My story begins when I was 10 years old, in the early 60’s. That’s when I saw my older brother, home on leave from the Naval Air Station, pull up in front of the house in a black 1959 TR3A. I immediately fell in love with that car. Fast forward to 1969- and yes,…


2016 Motoring Challenge… It’s a TIE!!!

By David Stuursma “I got everything but Hawaii and Nunavut.” I read this twice. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand what I read the first time through. Nope. Two different people wrote the same sentence to me. I couldn’t be happier announcing a two-way tie for 1st place. What a Challenge 2016 turned out to…

TR3 Cover shot

In My Own Words

By #STC60TS56749L Transcribed by Robert Frassinello It is the darkest day of my life: June 27, 1968. I am a little over eight years old and already used up, cast aside, and up for sale—for bottom dollar. Probably not worth much more than the piddly amount the Dodge dealer is asking the used car guys…

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Abram Was Here, Too

We met Abram about a year and a half ago and have been following him ever since. It’s not everyday you get to meet a modern day explorer, one who’s keenly passionate about British cars of all kinds. The most recent news from Abram is that he’s come across a derelict TR3. You can see…


Three Hours to Vegas

By Ron Zayas I was in Las Vegas starting my first year of college. With the leftover proceeds from my student loan (Who needs books?), I had $500 of stake money and I knew exactly what I wanted: an MG convertible. I credit a friend’s father (a transplanted Oxford grad, who went on to work…


Garage Hero

By David Stuursma- and with the 6-pack crew, too I’m a lurker. One of my daily tasks is to log onto the 6-Pack.org Forum and keep a lookout for conversations about Moss Motors, our parts and our service. There are other Moss employees on other forums, too. Online forums are a fantastic resource for many…


A Body Reborn

by Dennis Oldland When I became the current steward of a ’60 TR3A, it was British Racing Green with a brown interior that wouldn’t have been too bad…in a boat! [1] The previous owner had carefully crafted a wooden dash and wooden door panels and they looked nice, but… Realizing how much work the owner…

86 year campaigned under number 31 with BLAK Racing Team

First Love

By Bryan Hutchinson It is about 3:30 in the morning and I am exhausted from the grueling past 28-hour journey. My mind is in overdrive and I am pondering this question: “What car first made me fall in love?” From the beginning it was the MG—first the marque as a whole and quickly one particular…

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