Almost Famous – Triumph TR5 Ginevra

For Triumph enthusiasts, words cannot properly describe the singular importance of Giovanni Michelotti to the success and survival of the company in the Sixties and Seventies. Constantly hindered by limited development funds and hampered by a confused management situation, Michelotti’s designs enabled Triumph to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering an entirely different sense…

300 SLS Porter Special

A Terrible, No Good Day at Goodwood

Premier vintage racing events like the Monterey Motorsports Reunion (née The Historics) and Silverstone represent the closest that we can come to transporting ourselves back in time to watch the greats battle it out on the track. In period, however, the vehicles on the track were weapons grade tools that were only as valuable as they…


Triumph with a Heart

They say cars are “just machines.” They say that automobiles don’t have personalities. We tend to agree, but with a disclaimer. Not that we think cars are a lifeform, have souls, or something like that. We do believe that some cars elicit feelings that are more than mechanical. It is hard to explain the passion…


How Deep is the Ocean?

How deep is the ocean? When one spends countless hours driving without a radio and only his or her thoughts to pass the time that is one of the questions that might come to mind. I’ve always said how thankful I have been since the invention of hands-free headsets so I don’t look like a…

41. O County - 1pt

Turning Over Moss Miles

Organized by Moss Motors, the Challenge was a contest, a scavenger hunt for places and things. A Challenge Guide had a hunting list of cities, counties, States, Provinces, Moss facilities, specific destinations, National Forests, National Parks, Car Shows and Bonus Points. Points, one or more were earned for each photo showing car (fitted with Moss…

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Match Made in Heaven

My Dad came with me when I purchased my first car. It was a 1967 Mustang that I couldn’t wait to trade for my 1966 Spitfire. Later I sold the Spitfire to my Cousin John Riley and told him he had to whack the wheel caps with this rubber mallet that I provided to keep…


A Sabra by Any Other Name…

My brother John called me from his home in New Jersey. It was in the fall of 2006 and weather was starting to turn cool in anticipation of winter. Me, now living in the South Florida sunshine for the past 12 years, chided him for living so long with the raking of leaves and shoveling…

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