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Self Portrait

Triumph Spitfire

By Les Bidrawn; photography by Jim Funkhouser Put a college-aged male in a Spitfire 1500, make him wear a sweater, dark sunglasses and place a white Labrador (put a red bandanna round the dog’s neck for added effect) in the passenger seat. Now send him driving through a local campus. I did the very thing…

AH @ VanDusen

Customer Loyalty Program Restorations

Introduction by Rob Mullner; stories and photography by Tony Tiffin, Pete Hylton and Bob Cutting. Restoring a British car can be a daunting task; we have all heard stories of projects that dragged on and on, draining owners’ enthusiasm and bank account simultaneously. To make the restoration process easier and more economical Moss Motors launched the Customer Loyalty…

Robbins Plant Entrance

Robbins are Tops!

By Ken Smith Recently we had the opportunity to drive down Hwy. 101 alongside the Pacific Ocean from Santa Barbara to visit Robbins Auto Top Co. in their 50,000 sq./ft. facility in Oxnard, California. Established in 1943, and spanning three generations of the Robbins family, the company is one of the world’s leading specialists in…


MGB Triplex Windshield

New product report: Original Tooling Located MGB Triplex Windshield By Pat Fewell, Moss Motors Corporate Purchasing Manager Photography by the author When customers began to complain about fitment issues on our MGB windscreens, Michael Grant, our Product Quality Manager, alerted me to the issues our customers were struggling with. As we reviewed the reported issues he test fit Moss…


The Insider’s Perspective: TR7 and 8s

By Kelvin Dodd As seen in May 2007 Hemmings Motor News. One of the best kept secrets of British cars is how wonderful the TR7 and TR8 are to drive and what a value they are. When introduced, the modern McPherson strut based front and compliant trailing arm rear suspension was lost on many die…

MINI parade

30th Annual Mitty Challenge

By Rob Mullner It’s not common to start a new job and immediately get to do cool stuff. But just three weeks into my tenure here I was sent to the Classic Motorsports Mitty Challenge presented by Mazda and sponsored by Moss Motors. As the newest member of the Moss British Marketing team I was…


1962-1976 MGB Air Conditioning Kit

By Shawn Carlberg; photography by Moss Motors Staff Owning and enjoying an old British classic requires certain pragmatism. There are aspects of the driving experience that will not measure up to modern motoring. Cabin comfort in the summer will be different in your MGB versus your minivan. While your minivan can haul a passel of…


9th Annual No Frills Iron Bottom Motoring Tour

By Rob Mullner, logo by Mike Andrews, photography by the author. The phrase “Iron Bottom” doesn’t conjure good things, to some it’s an insult and to others it’s just offensive. As a TR6 owner and driving enthusiast I proudly wear the Iron Bottom mantle, let me explain why you should too. Nearly 10 years ago…

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.37.46 PM

Loud Pedal: Fall 2007

It’s driving season. To keep your car in top shape, get out and go. By Robert Goldman On an unassuming street, in a nondescript building, in a suburb of Philadelphia, lurks an incredible private car collection. At the recent Vintage Triumph Register convention at Valley Forge, PA, I happened to be in the right place at…

Hylton MG

How to Turn an MG into a Jaguar

By Pete Hylton At the age of 45, I decided on a career change. Leaving a job as an engineer in the aerospace industry, I took a position as a professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology for Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, home of the IUPUI Jaguars. One thing I did not leave behind was a…

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