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Nurburgring Novice

At the end of August 1961, John Whitmore had been racing in Denmark at the Roskilde Ring, doing battle with the work’s Saabs. He and Eoin Young then hurried down motorways to arrive in Germany at Adenau, performing a handbrake turn in the car park to celebrate a non-stop marathon. John and I were to…


2013 Motoring Challenge

A few days into 2013, a fellow car enthusiast from work asked me if I had seen the scavenger hunt article in the latest Moss Motoring. He and I talked about the challenge and calculated we would have some easy sign photos within a short distance, so we decided to do it. I told my wife…


MGs, the Sea and Me

When I think about the many years that MGs have been in my orbit, I found there are so many moments of pure joy that its hard to pick just one story from the many. The bottom line is: I love MGs and always will. Already from the age of five I was drawn to…


It’s Not a Boys Club

Many years ago, while working the gate at our British Car Festival, a woman came wandering up the driveway. She had come from the farm across the road, and although her life then revolved around horses, she related in a distinct British accent how she had once driven British sports cars. More specifically, she had…


GR8 D8 B8?

Three years after college I decided my life was established to the point I could afford a big boy toy again. It was the rugged sportiness of the Triumph TR6 I lusted for in the ’70s. I had to have one. After several months of disappointing test drives, I found a mechanically sound 1974 TR6…



May 2012 Some friends dragged me to British Car Week’s National Meet. Thank God for friends. The highlight of the trip was meeting a car named Grace and her driver, John Nikas. Grace, a 1953 Austin Healey 100-4, was traveling the United States in an effort to offer love, encouragement and hope for people affected…


Drive Like a Girl

I had no idea that the young girls of the post-World War II era dreamed of becoming race car drivers. Certainly a pony might appear in their hopeful plans for the future, and many of them took part very successfully in show jumping and cross-country events—Pat Moss included. But driving ambitions came as naturally to many…


Achieving Air Superiority

Choosing a Hobby Level Air Compressor Perhaps no other tool has empowered the automotive hobbyist more than the air compressor. Armed with a properly sized compressor and the right air tools, there are very few jobs that can’t be tackled. Want to inflate tires and blow out carburetors? What about powering air guns and ratchets?…

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