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Some people run away from their struggles. Jeremy and Ben run with theirs.

Mini Marathon

By Ben Streeter and Jeremy Schaefer Jeremy: Our trip will begin when we leave Vermont on November 1st for Saint Helena Island on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, roughly a thousand miles from home. From there, I will begin running on foot, trying to average about 50 miles a day. The planned route is…


Mom’s Car

It was a stunning Sunday afternoon in Texas, a top down day if there ever was one. As I drove with a cigar set firmly between my teeth, I took in all the senses that only a car like this can provide, senses poetically described by the rock band Rush, in a song from their…


My Father’s Daughter

My dad has always had a special radar for spotting classic cars on the street and quickly shouting out the year, make and model. For my brother, sister and I, the shout outs were part of our upbringing. Still today it amazes me that he can look at a car for a split second and…


Tool Addict

I just love tools. I love buying them, having them and using them. I love the way they look, the way they feel in my hand, and the sense of satisfaction I get when I use them to repair or build something. I have all kinds of tools: automotive tools, woodworking tools, power tools, plumbing tools,…


Restoring a Classic British Engine

Cleaning, Prep, Machining and Assembly WHAT YOU CAN CLEAN YOURSELF The rule with engine building is clean, clean, and then clean some more. Items that don’t move, like valve covers, front and rear engine plates, lifter covers, timing covers, distributor bases, etc., you can clean yourself. First, scrape off old gaskets as much as you…


School Tools

Anyone who has owned older cars knows body shop skills are a real asset. A few years ago I searched for a class with which to hone my skills. I found a course at the Garrett Academy of Technology, a local vocational school. For years Garrett had an auto collision course but when its instructor…


Hillclimbing the UK Way

Memories serve vital purposes: they keep us from repeating mistakes, and better yet they push us to repeat things that matter. Hill climb races exist more in memory than in reality. It’s time to make new memories. The Hill was not a leisurely drive on nicely paved roads through a scenic countryside. No, the Paddyfork…


The Lucas Uncertainty Principle

One of the basic laws of Physics is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. This states that it is impossible to know both the position and the momentum of a subatomic particle at the same time. Personally, I am astounded that physicists can know either of these two properties. Of course, physicists work in air conditioned laboratories,…


The Chariots of Canada

Roger Hamel of Le Club Austin Healey du Québec called. Would I like to participate in the Candian Grand Prix’s F1 Pilot’s Parade and watch the race? He then emailed a picture of his wife, Lise’s, 100-6—the car I’d be driving. The gears in my brain slipped into overdrive. I’m a huge F1 fan, so…

Field Notes: Safety

Protect Yourself When Welding, Cutting and Grinding Fact: Humans by nature will sidestep that which is awkward or difficult in favor of the easy way. If you can’t find your gloves or if you can’t pick up a small piece of hot metal with your heavy welding gloves on, you will probably try to do…

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