Daily Archives: October 5, 2015


Men in Sheds – TVR & Trevor Wilkinson

Trevor Wilkinson was the classic example of the English tinkerers known as the “Men in Sheds.” Unhindered by structured education in engineering principles, most of these lads were self-taught or took their instruction on the fly when they could. Even before Trevor Wilkinson formed Trevcar in 1957, he had been building specials for himself and customers…


Jerry Storch – MG Cartoons

I have something Moss Motoring might be interested in displaying. One of our MG racers, Jerry Storch, was a very gifted artist, and he drew up many cartoons about MG and vintage racing that were used in the MG Vintage Racers newsletter and the VSCCA magazine over the years. Jerry passed away several years ago,…

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