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OVAHC Lauren Davidson celebrating Winstons old tired engine  is out 9-2015

Helping the New Generation

A New Initiative from Moss Motors Admit it. At least once, you have walked out of the supermarket and almost gotten into the wrong car. No harm. No foul. The car you approached probably looked very much like your daily driver. Today’s modern cars are designed in wind tunnels for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. With all…


Don’t Postpone Joy

My father got polio when I was two years old. He demonstrated that being disabled would not hold him back from doing anything, like working under the car, creating hand controls, or climbing a few steps on a ladder with a leg brace and crutch. His example would become my way of life. On Labor…

TJV Midget

The Best Investment

“It’ll never be an investment. It’s a money pit.” The sage words of my high school friend’s father. My first car was a 1969 MG Midget. It had a fiberglass hard top, so I didn’t even know it was a convertible at first inspection. I knew very little about cars and even less about British…

Ladies Day Ohio Valley Autocross June 2014

This One’s For The Ladies

I suppose the male Healey owner, as well as others of his kind, would like to crack the mystical feminine psyche to discover how to best attract, convince and cajole us ladies to see things their way. “Their way” translates to us ladies being cheerfully agreeable when accompanying them to car events. So once you’ve…

can of beans Bill Riggs

Rigged Stories

I shoved a stick in the hole where the screw should’ve been in the thermostat housing. That took care of the leak for a good six months. It was 1975, and I was 17 years old. By the way, I still own the TD! -Harry Horton God bless British cars, right, Harry? You’ve given new…

ada cover

Ada & Mr. TD

Ada, a beagle-basset hound mix (that’s right, a bagel), was adopted by my wife and me nine years ago to come and live an idyllic life at our small farm in central Pennsylvania. And Mr. TD, a 1950 MG TD trailer queen, was brought to the farm four years ago to take idyllic rides through…


Moss Profile: Ken Hyndman

Long, long before working in the Technical Support department at Moss Motors, I was a “dopey kid from Kiwitahi” who traveled to England and started knocking on the doors of race shops. I do not think that would work today. A love of motorsport runs strong in my family and in the whole of New…


Careful What You Wish For, Young Feller

There’s a well-known restaurant in our area, famous for their Oak Pit Barbecue, and for serving up so much food no one who enters thin will go home that way. Outside certain examples of the food service industry, getting too much for your money is a rarity. That is unless you show up asking for…

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