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The Last Nice Day

By Adam Ford Kristin stood on the front porch and looked out across the fields. The sky was an uninterrupted blue and the morning sun was slowly removing the dusting of frost on the lawn. There was a chill in the air—this was November after all—but the prospect was for a gorgeous day. The kind…

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But Honey…

By Eric Glomstad In my early years as a financially challenged school teacher, I often purchased sports cars in the summer months on which I would practice my budding restoration skills. The idea was that come spring I could sell the vehicle and make several hundred dollars profit. My long-suffering wife saw through this ploy…

MGB latest 004

Live and Learn: “Wisdom” from the hard way

By George Alarcon While working at a copper mine in Copiapo, Chile, my boss saw that I was carrying a handful of nickel sized steel balls. The balls are thrown into a big tumbler, whose agitation causes the balls to beat copper-laced rocks into smaller pieces. When he saw that they were souvenirs, he recommended something other than…

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The Birth of BMC: Sports cars for the masses

By Graham Robson Okay, admit it, and be proud of it—many of you out there own cars built around the time when Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952, the year in which the British Motor Corporation (BMC) was founded. When the new Queen walked down the steps of her aircraft at…


Key Petre Raced Austin 7 Monopostos.

By Robert Goldman   Back in June, I opened our Friday night pre-Motorfest party with a brief story. It went something like this. History is the context which links seemingly disconnected things into a story. Among my possessions are a funky striped silk necktie, a Japanese cigarette case, and a Thornton-Pickard MkIII Hythe camera. The…

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