The Club Scene – Summer, 1992

Occasionally, my wife Barby will let me drive her 1952 MG TD down to the beach; other times I can take the Moss 1959 TR3 for a spin over the beautiful Santa Ynez mountains that frame Goleta, and friend of mine with a Bugeye Sprite can be coerced into the loan of the car for a day’s outing! Driving these 30 and 40 year old classics can be a rewarding (and at times humbling) experience, and I never cease to marvel at how well they perform for their age. I think back, when behind the wheel of the TD, to when it was made in 1952, a year of so many memories—Little Mo won Wimbledon, Evita Peron and King George VI passed away, the Olympic Games were held in Helsinki, and Ike threw his hat into the Presidential ring and in November won by a mile!

The birth year of the Moss TR3 saw also the introduction of the ubiquitous Mini, problems in Little Rock, Arkansas, World Champion driver Mike Hawthorn tragically killed at the age of 29, and De Gaulle as President of France. So, why am I telling you all this? Because the thought also strikes me that by this time—1959—Moss Motors had been going strong for over eleven years! Founded in 1948, well before the TD, the TF, and all the great classic British sports cars of the ’50s and ’60s had even been thought of! We were here before the cars we now love and provide spares and accessories for were even designed! We proudly claim to be the oldest and largest supplier of British sports car spares in the world. Think about that the next time you are buying something for your classic!

The Moss Motors organization is no “Johnny come lately” operation, masquerading as ‘experts’ after just a few years in the business. We offer 44 years of solid experience and fair trading, dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of your classic British sports car. Go with our friendly wisdom and service – you know it makes sense!

And now to something completely different! We are currently preparing the 1992 Moss Road Show to leave California for a prolonged spell, and visit many of the fine meetings taking place this summer across the North American Continent. Check our Events Calendar on page 15 for details, but we urge you to get out your British classic and drive…at least to one of these great meetings. You are guaranteed to meet kindred souls who share the same interests, the same enthusiasm and sometimes the same heartbreak as you! You will make many new friends, form new bonds with people from all walks of life, and really feel a part of the “scene” which motivates us all, enthusiasts alike!

Bring your Triumph to the TR Nationals in Ohio or Georgia, cross the border for the MG meet of the year in Toronto, or head west to Colorado for the spectacular Austin-Healey 40th International. These and many other great meetings are all waiting for you in the summer of ’92. To borrow a phrase – “Just Do It”!

For our part, we look forward with eager anticipation to meeting many of you either along the road, or at the meetings. Please come up to the Mossmobile and say hello! Tell us what you like (or even dislike) about Moss, bring your photographs (or us to see; bring your friends and family to see the nice people who take most of your money; bring the kids for a small gift! In return, we promise you our best efforts to make your visit enjoyable, and of course, our free catalogs are yours for the asking!

Where possible, we will run videos of classic car events and races, both here in the USA and Europe, and if you run into real car trouble either at the meeting or on the way, we’ll operate our next day air delivery service to get you back on the road! I don’t know how we do it for the money! Seriously, we look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and providing a little bit of Moss hospitality in your own neck of the woods!


By Ken Smith


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