Key Petre Raced Austin 7 Monopostos.

By Robert Goldman   Back in June, I opened our Friday night pre-Motorfest party with a brief story. It went something like this. History is the context which links seemingly disconnected things into a story. Among my possessions are a funky striped silk necktie, a Japanese cigarette case, and a Thornton-Pickard MkIII Hythe camera. The…


Press Release: All-New!

Our new website is a project we’ve been working on for years. We didn’t just make our site prettier (though it sure is!), we have also added a host of features to make your your shopping experience smarter, easier and more enjoyable! • Bigger and better schematics! Large and clear, plus see actual photos of the product…


My First Track Day

By Richard Johnson I am 65 years old and have been obsessed with sports cars and racing since I was a kid. My paper route money plus the tips I earned carrying clubs at the local golf course was spent at the go-cart track. (After giving my mother fifty per cent for my college fund,…

Leif Racing

The Jacobsens Go Racing

Photo of Leif Jacobsen at Laguna Seca race track, August 2017, taken by Dennis Gray of Sports Car Digest Story by Michael A. Jacobsen A few years back the then-President of the Society of Automotive Historians challenged the idea that the sports car movement in the USA was begun by servicemen returned from WWII having…


Press Release: New Heat Deterrents

Floor & Tunnel Shield II Designed to provide the best possible heat protection in areas where high temperatures are always present and problematic, Floor & Tunnel Shield II limits heat transfer on fire walls, transmission tunnels, floor boards, fuel cells and other areas where heat is an issue.  It provides excellent light weight thermal protection,…

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Sports Cars in the Time of Cholera

There have been a lot of distressing items in the news lately about the future of the automobile as we know it and while we cannot predict with much accuracy what will transpire in the years to come, we are sure that it will be a different world from the one that we have known…

Tim Suddard, Publisher of Classic and Grassroots Motorsports, outside his Ormond Beach, Florida office.

Profile – Classic Motorsports Magazine

For British car enthusiasts, Classic Motorsports is a must read, which is easy to understand given that the magazine started out as British Car back in 1986. Even after Tim Suddard took over the operation in 2003, British sports cars remained an essential part of the fabric contained in every issue, helping to account for its continued popularity among…


Girl Trouble

By Chris Seely   As illogical and juvenile as it may be, those of us who love our vehicles are all guilty of personifying them. The morning rituals to get them to start, the persuasive talk while trying to remove frozen bolts, the little pats on the dash when they are running well, and even…


How NOT to build a TD

By Bob Hughes This project started more than 20 years ago. A buddy of mine wanted a TD so bad that he decided to build one, a piece at a time. Then he got lucky and found a complete car that needed paint. I made the mistake of agreeing to paint that car for the…

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