Press Release: New Heat Deterrents

Floor & Tunnel Shield II Designed to provide the best possible heat protection in areas where high temperatures are always present and problematic, Floor & Tunnel Shield II limits heat transfer on fire walls, transmission tunnels, floor boards, fuel cells and other areas where heat is an issue.  It provides excellent light weight thermal protection,…

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Sports Cars in the Time of Cholera

There have been a lot of distressing items in the news lately about the future of the automobile as we know it and while we cannot predict with much accuracy what will transpire in the years to come, we are sure that it will be a different world from the one that we have known…

Tim Suddard, Publisher of Classic and Grassroots Motorsports, outside his Ormond Beach, Florida office.

Profile – Classic Motorsports Magazine

For British car enthusiasts, Classic Motorsports is a must read, which is easy to understand given that the magazine started out as British Car back in 1986. Even after Tim Suddard took over the operation in 2003, British sports cars remained an essential part of the fabric contained in every issue, helping to account for its continued popularity among…


Press Release—Tourist Trophy Exhaust for MGTC

The Tourist Trophy brand encompasses a growing number of exhaust systems for British sports cars thanks to the development team from Moss and the high quality we have been able to achieve with each new design. We are pleased to offer the finest, most durable, stainless steel exhaust for the MG TC. The beautiful Tourist Trophy…


A Car Club Mille Miglia

by Joel Justin & Neal Subic Background and Trip Prep Mille Miglia is Italian for 1,000 Miles. It’s a motor car race in Italy which took place between 1927 and 1957. It was originally a high speed open road race, and then evolved into more of a refined time-distance rally until it ended in 1957….


2017 Classic Motor Rally

Modern driving events run the gamut from luxury tours like the California Mille to budget affairs like the Targa California, with more traditional rallies like the Targa Newfoundland available for dedicated time-speed-distance aficionados. The Classic Motor Rally falls somewhere in between, combining a traditional TSD format with an optional driving tour for those entrants that…


16 days. 12 states. 6,580 miles.

…and only one pair of shoes. “Hello, my name is Rex. Oh! Next to me is my “cup holder,” Jeanine, wife of 49 years—plus three years of dating in high school.” That is how we started out a letter to the mayoral offices of the sixteen cities. We were hopefully spending one night and part…

CSI Distributor

Press Release: Upgraded Ignition

Moss Motors is proud to offer the CSI-Optimized Distributor. The advantage of this distributor is that it offers a fully electronic ignition system built into the correct type of Lucas distributor housing to suit your car, keeping the original appearance in the engine bay. Gone are the points and condenser and mechanical advance mechanism, all…


Press Release: LBC Puzzles!

Moss Motors is proud to offer exclusive, limited-edition puzzles featuring cutaway illustrations of classic British cars by artist David Townsend. You may recognize David’s work from our Spring/Summer 2016 Catalog covers. Each puzzle is a challenging 1008 pieces and builds out to a full 18″ x 36″ image. They come beautifully packaged in a black flip-top box…


2017 Motorfest Winners

On Saturday, June 3rd, more than 350 British sports cars and Mazda Miatas gathered at the Moss Motors Virginia facility for Motorfest. What a tremendous privilege it was to host an amazing collection of cars and get to meet so many of our customers. The weekend was certainly a treat for all the Moss staff, and we…

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