Watkins Glen '48 another turn 1 edited

Watkins Glen 70th

By Russ Sifers — MG TC 8875 Dick Knudson called the MG “The Sports Car America Loved First” in his 1975 book. The TC was quite the sports car in its day and it still is for me today. Running it each year at the Lake Garnett Grand Prix Revival ( each year in the…


73 Years Young with a Bugeye

By Terry and Grace Hawley  Ever since I was a young man, owning a Bugeye Sprite had always been in my dreams. Now I’m 73 years old and that dream, though different from what I imagined, has come true. A little over two year ago my wife of 50+ years and I had a little…

Zoomed out view with relays at the bottom and the electric fan on the radiator.

Electric Fan Cycling Solution

by Joel Justin If you’re like me, or should I say like my Triumphs, keeping their engines running cool in warm temps can be a challenge, especially when sitting at a stop light or in slow moving traffic in the summer. One thing I’ve done on some of my cars is to add an electric cooling fan…


Art and the Automobile

By Ron Hauser I had this thing for art from age 5 years on up.  I was always drawing or painting pictures of horses and cars. The connection to cars got really serious during high school days in Skokie, a north Chicago Suburb. While attending school a lot of the Hot-Rod club members as well as some…


Key Petre Raced Austin 7 Monopostos.

By Robert Goldman   Back in June, I opened our Friday night pre-Motorfest party with a brief story. It went something like this. History is the context which links seemingly disconnected things into a story. Among my possessions are a funky striped silk necktie, a Japanese cigarette case, and a Thornton-Pickard MkIII Hythe camera. The…


Press Release: All-New!

Our new website is a project we’ve been working on for years. We didn’t just make our site prettier (though it sure is!), we have also added a host of features to make your your shopping experience smarter, easier and more enjoyable! • Bigger and better schematics! Large and clear, plus see actual photos of the product…


My First Track Day

By Richard Johnson I am 65 years old and have been obsessed with sports cars and racing since I was a kid. My paper route money plus the tips I earned carrying clubs at the local golf course was spent at the go-cart track. (After giving my mother fifty per cent for my college fund,…

Leif Racing

The Jacobsens Go Racing

Photo of Leif Jacobsen at Laguna Seca race track, August 2017, taken by Dennis Gray of Sports Car Digest Story by Michael A. Jacobsen A few years back the then-President of the Society of Automotive Historians challenged the idea that the sports car movement in the USA was begun by servicemen returned from WWII having…

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