Have you ever lost the key to your British sports car? It’s no problem really, they are quite easy to hot wire. In fact, they’re so easy to hot wire that perhaps you should take precautions to make sure the wrong person doesn’t try it.

I recently had a conversation with Azie Kalker of Dallas, Texas. Back on April 28 of this year, her 1958 TR3 (commission #TS 24366) was stolen right out of the carport at her condominium. The car is a small mouth TR3, painted black with a red interior and wire wheels. One would think that an old British car would make a poor target by virtue of the fact that it is quite visible if driven around or parted out. Let’s face it, there is a limit to how many people are interested in these things.

Azie has had reports from friends that they have seen a car which fits the description of her TR3. Unfortunately, none have gotten close enough to positively identify it. I certainty hope someone can provide the one essential bit of information which reunites Azie with her car.

Although more Porsches probably get stolen every year than there are British cars, we should still be aware that an easy target is at risk. Our cars are easy targets. How easy? Some can be started without the help of anything not already attached to the car. If you don’t believe me, just tell me where you live.

Although a true pro will steal your car no matter what, there are some steps which can be taken to stop the joy-rider. First, cut the power. A concealed battery switch like the ones used on big Healeys (Moss #145-770) might stop a thief. Electric fuel pumps can be given their own cutoff switch. The car may start and run down the block, but that’s all she wrote. A car with a mechanical fuel pump (like Azic’s TR) can have a simple fuel cutoff valve installed which has the same effect. Most thieves probably won’t stick around and try to fix the car.

Another more subtle, but important action, is identification. New cars have their major components stamped with identifying marks. The same can be done with your own car. All my cars carry hidden marks that will allow me to positively identify the car to the police, even if the serial numbers are changed. Admittedly, there is no real way to stop a determined thief, but we can at least make his job more difficult. None of us wants to lose the part of ourselves which these cars become. Take some steps to foil car thieves. Let’s all make our cars a little less “attractive.”

If you have any information about Azie Kalker’s TR3. she can be reached at (214) 373 7656. Please be aware that Moss Motors is not a stolen car information clearing house. We do not keep commission numbers on file and haven’t the resources to watch for a particular car. Your best bet is to protect yourself. If the worst happens, call the police, that’s what they are there for.



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