Fall 1987

Welcome to the Fall 1987, no. 2 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Have you ever lost the key to your British sports car? It’s no problem really, they are quite easy to hot wire. In fact, they’re so easy to hot wire that perhaps you should take precautions to make sure the wrong person doesn’t try it. I recently had a conversation with Azie Kalker of Dallas,…


Bob’s Garage

The time I normally spend looking for a technical subject for Bob’s Garage was used up on a trip to England. As I’m more in a driving mood now that summer is here anyway, I thought a new car review might be of interest. The car in question, the MG Metro Turbo, isn’t exactly new,…


Microchip Motoring

There is nothing wrong with your newsletter. Please do not attempt to adjust it. We are in control. You may or may not notice that the Summer Moss Motoring has a slightly different look to it. The computer age is here to stay, and those of us who love old British sports cars felt we’d…


Scarface From Abingdon

Yes, it’s that time of year! It’s sports car season! The garage hibernation is over and it’s time for the MGEEEB to stick it’s nose from under wraps and to face the elements. The season starts later here in the northern latitudes, unlike the year-round season of Southern California. That may be one of the…


The English Connection

Have you heard the rumor that Moss Motors has opened an English operation? We sure have. In fact, so many people have asked that we felt it was high lime to set the record straight. Moss Motors does have a facility in England, but don’t pick up the phone to place an order. Moss Spares…


MGB Electric Fans

Once the ignition is switched off, the engine and water temperature in a car rise. Heat, once concentrated around the combustion chambers and exhaust manifold, now begins to spread generally throughout the engine block. Coolant is no longer pumped through the engine and can easily reach boil-over point. The temperature rise can be substantial, overheating…


Editorial – Fall 1987

One department within Moss Motors which we rarely discuss is returns. No one likes to return parts, but there are occasions when a return is necessary. You can simply pack the item in a box and send it back with no explanation, or you can call for a return authorization first. Admittedly, it sounds a…


Budget Style Speed Tuning

While we MG enthusiasts are fortunate to have all the speed and performance equipment available to mildly change our MGs from factory stock to wild racing radical, much of it from Moss, it wasn’t always so. As the purchaser of a new 1952 MG TD while in college, the speed equipment available amounted to a…


1/2 Scale MG Road Test

Do we really have something to say about a car which went out of production in 1949? Most decidedly, yes! The first new MG model to hit the States since 1980 is here, and the Moss staffers just happened to be the first Americans to put one of these little beauties through its paces. But…


1987 Monterey Historic Races

It’s Thursday morning and my fuel pump is dead. These two facts are normally of little consequence, but this happens to be the third week in August, and that means the Monterey Historic Automobile Races are coming. Every year a substantial percentage of Southern California walks off the job and heads up to the Monterey…


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