Fall 1984

Welcome to the Fall 1984 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Tech Tip – Getting Ready for Winter Storage

From Moss Motoring 1984 Many of our customers live in parts of the country where it is preferable to store their cars for a period during the winter months. There are numerous opinions on the do’s and don’ts of storage, but we thought we’d convey some concepts that our collective experience has shown to be…


Moss Vintage Racers at Laguna Seca

Vintage racing is increasing in popularity around the country and Moss Motors has two active participants: founder, Al Moss, and Sales/Marketing Manager, Lawrie Alexander. Business pressures curtail their travel to other states to race but both are regulars in the ‘granddaddy’ of vintage events, the Historic Car Races held annually at Laguna Seca Raceway in…


Special Notice: Silicone Brake Fluid

It has come to our notice that some users of Silicone Brake Fluid have experienced problems with strange-feeling pedal. Since silicone brake fluid exceeds Dot-5 standards, there can be no possibility that the fluid is doing strange things when in use! The problem seems to stem from the fact that silicone brake fluid retains air…


Tech Tip – Lint Removal from Cloth Top

For the owners of cloth top cars having trouble getting the lint and dirt from them, try this: Cut a 4 or 5 inch section of 2″ wood rod, then form a piece of W strap iron to a handle to use the rod as a roller. Cover this roller with double sided masking tape,…


Tech Tip – Lessons from the Shade Tree

That master automotive humorist and talented journalist, Peter Egan, penned some ‘Tech Tips’ for an issue of Road and Track several issues back. We enjoyed them so much, we are reprinting, with the gracious permission of R&T, an excerpt from Peter’s article. (If you don’t already subscribe to Road & Track, you should! Peter’s columns…

Pictured above is our friendly and knowledgeable sales team. Top photo from left to right: DJ Soklow, Mike Chaput, Tracy Consoli and Steve Hardy. Bottom photo: Steve Wurster, Laura Eltherington, Randy Carpenter and Ginger Volkman-Graffy.

Moss Crew – Sales Force

In a business where sales result from incoming mail and phone orders, the salespeople have a very important yet slightly unusual role. Their primary task is not really to sell; rather, they assist customers who want to place orders. At the same time they cannot be just ‘order takers’. They must be able to understand…


Tech – Battery Corrosion

To avoid acid residue build up on battery terminal posts and cable clamps, place a copper penny on top of the battery between the battery posts. (The copper penny will usually stay in place without falling oft) The copper in the penny will absorb the acid residue from the posts and keep the terminal posts…


Letter to the Editor – MGB Window Seals

I just completed reading your article in Motoring (Vol.3 No.3) on installing MGB window seals. I just completed this task on my 1969 MGB Roadster and found that by simply removing the padded stop blocks in the bottom of the doors (channel rests on when rolled all the way down) you can roll window down…


Symbols and Memories

By Dave Ramstad I wear the ‘colors’. I believe it’s compulsive. Dudley Haines, writing from Juneau for the February Healey Highlights, states a fact known to all of us. The bonafide Austin-Healey lover is distinguished by the trait that he must have his beloved machine somewhere nearby at all times. Many others have proclaimed the…


Advice – “Someday I’m Going to Restore a Classic. A Dream Come True.”

By Robert A Bonsack The dream of owning and restoring a classic auto is shared by many of us. Transforming that dream into reality can be filled with excitement, (some frustration) satisfaction, and success, or it can be a disaster. The difference often is how you go about planning, selecting, and carrying out your project…


My Triumph

By Dawn Nichols It was fall of 1980- the phone rang- it was my husband Mike- he said, ‘Meet me on Garrettson Ave.- I want you to see something!’ My first thought was,’ Oh boy!?!’ Another car to restore-I wonder what it could be this time! (I had put my order in years ago for…


Tech – Coil Polarity

I was converting my older British car over from positive to negative ground when I came across the question of coil polarity. I discovered coil polarity is very much misunderstood. In researching it out it got me very confused until I found out there are two definitions of coil polarity. I talked to 3 or…

Pictured above (top) is the 'ground breaking' just before the bulldozers started. Doing a little 'manual labor' for a change and turning the first spade of earth are from left; Al Moss, founder and president; Howard Goldman, Chief Executive Officer, and Glen Adams, Executive Vice-President, while the rest of the Moss Crew made sure they do a good job. Center photo: A couple of weeks later and it's starting to go up! Bottom Photo: We can't wait to move in.

More Room for More Parts – Moss Expansion Nears Completion

The last few months around Moss Motors have been unusually chaotic. To cope with our need for additional warehouse space, a new 12,000 sq. ft addition has been going up behind our main building in Goleta. After the lengthy “paperwork battle,” getting all the necessary permits, etc, the actual construction is going very quickly. From…


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