Fall 1991

Welcome to the Fall 1991 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Under the Bonnet: Fall 1991

Cleaner Running Emission control, once dirty words to many automobile enthusiasts, is now accepted as a necessary fact of life. Even those of us who drive pre-pollution control cars can do our part to minimize our cars’ adverse effects on the air we breathe, and, at the same time, have our engines run better and…


Through the Windscreen: Fall 1991

Ken Smith Club & events Coordinator Salutations from the Moss Club and Event RV—the Mossmobile! Once again on the road to British car meetings across the USA, we have hauled the RV some 3,500 miles through the deserts of the southwest, across the great plains of Oklahoma and Kansas (witnessing some of the havoc left…


The Stuff Car Dreams are Made Of

When you place your parts order from Moss, don’t you sometimes wonder just how we fill our warehouse with fabulous items no longer available anywhere else? Even Moss employees, hardened as we are to shelves stacked with parts that our British sports cars silently cry out for, scan the posted boat lists from time to…


Tech Tips: Fall 1991

Overheating Overheating may be caused by improper point gap, incorrect timing, a bad radiator cap, sludge in the cooling system, dragging brakes, loose fan belt, defective thermostat (or no thermostat) or no water in the system. Check these first if you have an overheating problem. Oil Filter Over tightening the filter center fixing bolt can…


Lucas Wiring: A Simplified Approach

Lucas wiring systems as used on virtually all British cars since the 1930s are a source of frustration and bewilderment to a great many sports car enthusiasts. In fact, Lucas wiring is clearly engineered around a standardized color code and cable size formula. This system is used on all British sports cars, and once understood,…


Installed! MGB Dynamic Suspension

Alan Patterson Moss Europe customer Alan Patterson, MGCC Norwester Competitor, reports on fitting the MGB Dynamic Suspension to his MGB. Originally a Moss Europe product, it’s now available here in the US. I am an out and out enthusiast of the MG marque in general, and of the MGB roadster in particular. As an enthusiast,…


Electrical Troubleshooting

Two basic tools are essential for troubleshooting electrical problems: a wiring diagram and a 12-volt test light. A test light is an inexpensive little tool that looks like a cross between an ice pick and an electric screwdriver. Simple to use, it is connected by its clip to a ground. The sharp probe is poked…


T-Series Camshaft Identification

Chris Nowlan Research & Development Two different yet interchangeable stock specification camshafts were fitted to the MGTC-TD and TF engines when new. In addition, the factory offered ¾ and full race cams, not to mention a variety of special aftermarket racing cams. All of these cams called for different valve clearance settings, which can cause…


A Unique Approach to Restoration

John Warfield’s Restored TR3A Ken Smith On our travels In the Moss RV, we see many really superb examples of British sports car machinery, where owners have spent thousands of hours, and countless dollars (hopefully with Moss!) on bringing back an old wreck of a Triumph or Austin-Healey or a clapped out MG to original…


A Note on Asbestos

Asbestos is nothing more than a rock. In its natural form it comes in fibers that can be woven into all kinds useful materials. Rocks don’t burn, so asbestos is used anywhere high heat is a problem, especially places like brake shoes. So, why all the concern? The problem is the small size of the…


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