Fall 1992

Welcome to the Fall 1992 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Moss TR Team Runs (a Good Part of) the Gold Coast Rally

As you may have read in the last edition of Moss Motoring, we were busy readying the Moss TR3 for the upcoming Gold Coast Rally in San Luis Obispo, California, a beautiful two hour drive north of our California headquarters. As a major sponsor of this three day event, which included a vintage car auction, 175…


Mid-Ohio Raceway Celebrates 40 Years of Triumph

Late June saw the Mossmobile wending its way to Mid-Ohio raceway where a celebration of 40 years of Triumph sports cars took place during the United Telephone Vintage Grand Prix weekend. Over 450 competitors and their classics registered to take part in a full vintage race program, who were then joined by what seemed to…


Two-Week Moss Europe Sports Car Odyssey

In our last issue, we gave you some idea of what to try and see should you be able to travel to England this past spring, and we received many inquiries for further information on visiting the U.K. However, there’s nothing like actually being there, and I was fortunate enough to experience British hospitality first…


The Glory of the Open Road

I consider myself most fortunate, as my second story office at Moss Motors overlooks the new landscaping and our British sports car display area. This does have its drawbacks, as it can be difficult to keep my mind trained on the heap of paper work beneath my nose rather than on the cars below me…


How to Replace Tie Rod Ends

From time to time in the maintenance and restoration of our British cars, we all must face the need to remove one or both of the tie rod ends from the steering arms. The occasion may be that the ball joint portions have become severely worn and must be replaced to cure sloppy steering and/or…


Under the Bonnet: Back to Basics – Your Ignition System

In the last issue, we discussed the basics of ignition timing. Since quite a few readers commented on this article. I would like to address some of their comments here, for all to share. I make no apology for trying to make this Under the Bonnet column as simple and as basic as possible. It…


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