Fall 1995

Welcome to the Fall 1995 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Mallory Dual-Point Distributor Conversion

There are a number of good reasons why you should consider replacing your Lucas distributor with a Mallory Dual-Point distributor. First, accurate ignition timing is often one of the most overlooked areas of engine performance and tuning, and your car’s original Lucas distributor might just not be up to the task anymore. MG T series…


How to Build a Classic Collection

I admit to being a scrounger, cheapskate, skinflint, and hand-me-down king! I have shelves of worn out Triumph parts I just can’t throw away. Anyone out there need a TR3 brake caliper with a ruined hydraulic fixture, drilled out by a ham-fisted mechanic? Or a worn out water pump, or…the list goes on. In the…


Dirty Harry at the Races

First off, I have a confession to make. My car’s not really a Triumph. It’s an Austin-Healey 100-6, 1959 vintage. Unlike the proverbial virtuous maid in the sleaze bar, the Healey has seen its share of “Whoas,” and rust, and car abuse. But in early August, I like to sneak out of Pittsburgh with “Dirty Harry,”…


At Full Chat: Fall 1995

Recently, when I was asked for a description of the MG TC’s place in automotive history, a response was easy: “If it weren’t for this car, I would probably be in a different line of work.” No other car could have captured the American market the way this jaunty sportster did right after WW II….


Under the Bonnet: Fall 1995

VALVE TRAIN BASICS Valve train condition is of vital importance at all times to the correctly running engine. Unfortunately, many of the factors involved are often neglected in “do it yourself” engine rebuilding and in normal maintenance. The simplest and most common valve train operation performed is valve lash (clearance) adjustment. Yet even this common…


A Traditional Experience: Racing a Vintage MGB

A TRADITIONAL EXPERIENCE: RACING TEST OF A VINTAGE CHAMPIONSHIP 1968 MGB Translated from Automovil Panamcricano, June, 1995 All the splendor of the British sports cars of the ’60s is still intact in this MGB that engineer Juan Manuel Munoz Ledo uses in vintage championship races. There is no doubt about the pedigree of the MGB, because its prestige…


The Club Scene: Fall 1995

Hope all of you out there are all having a great season of British motoring fun, attending some of the events listed in our exclusive, giant British car meet calendar published in “Moss Motoring.” We are well into it, with the Moss Road Show having taken the Mossmobile across country to meet and greet customers old and…


Oil Spots and the Speed of Light: A Formula for Fixing Your Car

There must be a formula to determine the ratio of oil spot size to the need for fixation. Fixation, that is, meaning fixing the leak. This, as opposed to the more normal fixation, which implies staring at an invisible object in the bottom of a beer bottle. Experienced bench racers know that a lot can be…


How to Plan a Major Project

A couple of weeks ago, a friend loaned me several books dealing with building and modifying cars. Lots of good advice, but there was one outstanding theme which threaded its way through all of the manuals: research and advance planning! Heavy emphasis was made that the research/plan phase of a major automotive project is at…


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