Fall 1998

Welcome to the Fall 1998 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Export or Die

The first car I ever sat in may have been an MG. However, I can say with complete confidence that the first car I ever saw was an MG—an MG TA back in 1938, when my father took me to the Abingdon Works on a British bank holiday. The factory was open so that families…


Buttonwillow Fall 1998

Well, did we have fun, or what? Did we not enjoy two days of super wheel-to-wheel racing with cars from the earliest part of the century to the latest clubman rockets? Did we not marvel at the standard of British cars in the popular vote show? Did we not get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive…


Donald Healey on Healey, Pt. II

(This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Donald Mitchell Healey, and as such, we would like to present an interview with him which Paul Chudecki undertook in 1986, and which gives an insight into the man responsible for those magnificent machines. Paul traveled down to Perranporth, Cornwall, to interview Donald just…


Through the Windscreen: Fall 1998

First, let me say how much we’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you on the road during our travels with the Mossmobile. We really appreciate the many kind things you have to say about Moss Motors and our staff, and we now look forward to the remainder of the season and meeting even more of…


Then and Now in Motor Sport

As I have been involved with the Sprite’s 40th and Moss’ 50th birthday celebrations, my mind has naturally been busy with memories of Motor Sport of the ’50s. Rallying, Tin-Top production car racing, and Formula One now has a much larger audience than it did in those days, and while the basics of each side of the…


At Full Chat: Fall 1998

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of re-familiarizing myself with a couple of cars from my younger days. One, a Jaguar Mark II sedan, was the subject of an article that appeared in the February/March issue of Sports Car International. The car belongs to Southern California collector and vintage racer Jerry Rosenstock. Our…


Sports Cars in Space: The Evolution of the Triumph

Let’s face it, from The X-Files to Independence Day and Men in Black, aliens are hot, hotter than Hotlanta when the torch hit town. So this issue’s question, obviously enough, is… Are there Triumphs on other planets? Some people may believe that examples of our beloved cars have been transported to the galaxy’s distant corners, and…


A Boy and His ‘B

Let me say right now that I am a product of my upbringing. Any foolish notions that I have towards British sports cars are all inherited from my father (and mother, to a lesser extent). Now that my disclaimer has been disclaimed, let me tell you a story… There once was a boy who had…


Technical Knowledge

I have driven my 1966 TR4A for many years with nothing but the bare minimum in maintenance. Recently, I decided to park it for a couple of months and commence on some repairs I had been putting off. First choice was the horn, which had not worked In several years! With an inexpensive voltmeter, it…


Tech Tips: Fall 1998

Are you having trouble installing your new seat diaphragm to an assembled seat? Try this: modify a large (preferably old) screwdriver by cutting a slot in the blade to accept the diaphragm hook. This is then used to force the side hooks into place. On my TR6, it was preferable to turn the front and back…


Repairing the Starting System

(In the summer issue of Moss Motoring, we brought you part one of this informative treatise by Louis C. Belby. Many of you wrote and told us how much you appreciated this information, so it’s only fair that we now bring you part two.—Ed.) Take another wire with alligator clips on each end (it doesn’t…


Maggie and Long-term Storage

Maggie Mae is on the road again. After nine years of storage, Maggie, a 1957 MGA, is back where she belongs. Rousing her from her slumber and putting her back on the road proved to be almost effortless, thanks in part to a little care and forethought taken when I put her into storage. The…


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