Fall 1999

Welcome to the Fall 1999 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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By the Numbers

As promised at the end of my last article in Moss Motoring, I thought an essay on the intricacies of the British car license plate system might be of interest. I know most of our Transatlantic cousins frequently find this baffling, and those who read British classic car magazines may be particularly keen on learning the…


Building the Ultimate Workbench

Some years ago (12 to be exact!) we ran an article on a workbench which our R&D Manager, Chris Nowlan, had built in his home garage to facilitate working on his car. We have been requested on several occasions to repeat the article for the benefit of newer readers, and as your wish is sometimes…


Tech Tips: Fall 1999

I bought my 1980 MGB a year ago from a very honest guy who was open to showing me all the problems as well as the good points of the car. He informed me that all of the light bulbs had been tested and replaced, but the turn signals still didn’t work! After buying the…


At Full Chat: Fall 1999

As I view it, the four-year-old Petersen Automotive Museum Los Angeles is already a national treasure. General Manager Ken Gross and his knowledgeable cadre have made this an increasingly dynamic institution, not just another musty, static warehouse. An example of the way the Petersen Museum packages its history lessons was “Postwar Sports Car Performance and…


How to Replace MGB Window Seals

There are several reasons why you may want to replace the window-to-body seals on your MGB. They may have deteriorated over the years, or you may be painting your car and do not wish to have dull gray old seals ruining the new job, or maybe you’re just a glutton for punishment. Whatever the reason,…


The Nut Behind the Wheel: Fall 1999

My best buddy Bob, who never listens to my timely, quality Healey advice, is moving ever so slowly on his BJ8 restoration. While he is making some progress, he’s got some problems with sequencing and priorities. Like he hasn’t got any interior in the car yet and he’s concerned about getting full throttle. This tells…


In the Land of the Long Fall

It’s been quite a time for nostalgia lately, with contact from old friends and new enthusiasts. Firstly, Ken Richardson’s CO, Paul, paid me a visit here on Molokai and we spent a great day “talking story,” as the locals here would say. His dad was one of the most successful competition managers of the ’50s,…


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