FALL 2010

Welcome to the Fall 2010 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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The Zig Zag TR5

In 1974, Craig Simon of Stanley, Kansas, acquired a 1968 TR5 for $400 as a college student in Munich, Germany, while his father was stationed in Europe. The original owner had purchased it in Belgium. A college kid with a sports car in a country with no speed limits on the highways is a dangerous…


MGA Trick Trailer

I’ve recently completed an MGA trailer. I have a heavily modified 1961 MGA and I found a ’61 MGA on eBay from a field in Ohio. The MGA was past salvage. When we tried to load it on a trailer, it literally broke in half. The passenger section was removed, and the front clip and…


Generators & Regulators – A Magnetizing Primer

Most people first learn about generators at night on a back country road in the middle of nowhere. (Actually, about 100 yards from a house, but the middle of nowhere is so much more depressing.) You have one of those “English sports car needs minor electrical work” from the classified ads. Oh, the man who…

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Don’t Fear the Dyno

Fall in Love With Dyno Tuning in 9 Easy Steps Modern technology is changing how we interact with classic cars, and sometimes we can’t help but laugh. After all, these situations can get pretty anachronistic. More and more, we rely on high-tech tools to keep our classics in tune. Static timing has been replaced by…


Austin-Healey 3000: Object of Lust and Envy

The Austin-Healey 3000 was designed by a racing legend, Donald M. Healey, and it embodies everything he wanted in an automobile: gutsy power that could win rallies, a sturdy chassis and mechanicals, and bold, curvaceous styling. For half a century this car has been the object of lust and envy. Top-quality cars have brought six…


TSD Road Rallies – Arrive on Time

Participating in some kind of motorsports usually requires specialized equipment ranging from special tires to a fully prepared race car. There is a way, however, to compete without any car prep: enter a road rally. This is an event held on public roads in which a driver and a navigator must follow a set of…

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Drew Alcazar: Auctioning cars to enjoy on the road, track, show field or in your living room

Drew Alcazar is such a car nut that he has one on display in his living room. He admits he’s been crazy about automobiles since he was old enough to push a Matchbox car. As the owner of Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auctions, he now gets to sample just about everything ever made. He…


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