FALL 2011

Welcome to the Fall 2011 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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4 Fun, Fast Projects

Free weekend coming up? Why not spend it with that special someone: your favorite British car. Make a date to fix some niggling problems, perform an upgrade, or make things shine to the max. Wondering where to start? Here are four projects that always seem to be on the to-do list. 1. Give the Paint…


MG2011 and Rallye to Reno – Sunburned Arms, Camaraderie and Adventure

An advantage of driving clear across the country in June with the top down—assuming you’ve managed to avoid debilitating heat exhaustion from humid, 95-plus degree afternoons—is the symmetry you get with having not one but two dry, cracked, sun-fried arms…


Barn Find

I sat at a stoplight in nowhere important Rhode Island. Just another day at work; I was on my way to see a customer. While I waited for the light to change, I noticed an elderly man taking out trash. I stared for a moment, and then my focus changed and I saw a TR6 sitting in the woods just behind him…and behind that, another one.


Reflections on Chrome Plating

When undertaking a cosmetic restoration, you’re always faced with the realization that a new paint job will not look as nice as it should unless the chrome parts look like new. It’s like pouring a lovely bottle of wine into plastic kiddie cups: The occasion becomes decidedly less special. Hold those old chrome trim pieces, door handles and bumpers up against fresh paint, and you really see just how faded…

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Kas Kastner – The legend and the legacy

Attend any Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA) event, and you’ll see many Triumphs signed by R.W. “Kas” Kastner, an icon who is revered by British car racers, owners and enthusiasts. At 83, he’s still attending races and offering advice to guys who are having the same problems he did half a century ago on the…


Braving the New World Order

Is it wrong, at 49 years of age, to start wondering if I should have at least one modern “grown up” car in my stable? It has been a point of pride that nearly every car I’ve ever owned has been a two-seater with manual transmission and no top. One exception is a used pick-up truck, which is also a two-seater…


The Best Used Car Salesman

About a year ago I took a picture of my grandson, Hunter, standing in front of my son’s restored 1977 MGB, as if he was a salesman. Well, this year Hunter, at three, has moved up a peg and is now representing a 1961 BT-7 Austin-Healey. If I ask him if he wants to go…


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