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MGB Charity Raffle!

To support the Parkland Education Foundation in Allentown Pennsylvania, Moss customer Barry Dobil is donating his 1969 MGB Roadster. If you’d like to support the foundation and have a chance to win an MGB, you can purchase raffle tickets via this link: MGB RAFFLE TICKETS AND INFORMATION To learn more about the great work of the…


Moss Motorfest—What a Show!

With car shows—as in life and chocolate-filled boxes—you never know what you’re going to get. One of the draws to attending these events is the chance to see the previously unseen or gaze again upon an old favorite from the past. Typically, appreciating truly rare automobiles requires a trip to Pebble Beach or Amelia Island…


2018 Motoring Challenge Winners!

Looking back over the year, it’s hard to pick one thing that stood out in my mind—though I must admit, I got a kick out of all the monster truck photos. But I think the thing that gave me the most joy was hearing about the groups of Challengers getting together and having fun. Without…

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2018 Moss Motoring Challenge: Bucket List

Allen Decker We entered the MG Club of St Louis into the St. Patirck’s Day Parade.  My kids, as all kids do, love a parade. I drove my cherished Midget with my oldest daughter in this event.  It was a great day and a memory we will never forget! Andrew Hardie Tombstone has been on…

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Guy Fawkes Night Celebration

By John Baldwin Every year a number of my friends and myself, being of British heritage, celebrate Guy Fawkes night on the 5th of November. This involves making an effigy of Guy Fawkes (clothing stuffed with fall leaves), which is then placed at the top of huge bonfire and burnt. The event usually includes the…


To Tucumcari and Back

By Rob and Tommie Camblin The 2017 Moss Motoring Challenge would be our third endeavor to visit as many locations as possible while enjoying our MGs. My wife, Tommie and I are fortunate enough to take care of three of Britain’s finest examples of English motoring design; a 1951 MGTD, 1962 MGA Mk II, and…

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2017 Motoring Challenge Winners!

The 2017 Moss Motoring Challenge was a high scoring scramble to be sure, all the way from point “A” to point “Razzmatazz!” Interestingly, assuming my addition skills have improved since third grade, the prize winners are exactly evenly split between Miata and classic British car owners. (Not that I’m trying to boost the friendly competition that…


The Color of the Day

Cream color is she Driving under an azure sky are we In amongst a man-made canyon carved out of lines of trees on either side; bursting in color Reds, yellows, oranges They come to flame one last time Before going to sleep We drive upon asphalt My cream colored car and I Amongst others; Black…


Looking Back: the Folly of Youth

To help keep the LBC legacy alive, we’re looking for spirited stories from your immortal youth. For example, here are a few starter sentences to consider when thinking about what you might want to write: “Things sure were different back in the day…” “My kids/grandkids won’t believe this…” “Oh the stories that car could tell…”…

Pappys 67th B-day

Pappy’s Birthday

The above picture is of the birthday card my then 9-year-old granddaughter made and presented to me on my 67th birthday. She made it with construction paper and prints of photos of herself, her little sister and me she cut out. She does enjoy riding with me in my 74.5 MGB Black Betty also. You…

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