The Color of the Day

Cream color is she Driving under an azure sky are we In amongst a man-made canyon carved out of lines of trees on either side; bursting in color Reds, yellows, oranges They come to flame one last time Before going to sleep We drive upon asphalt My cream colored car and I Amongst others; Black…


Looking Back: the Folly of Youth

To help keep the LBC legacy alive, we’re looking for spirited stories from your immortal youth. For example, here are a few starter sentences to consider when thinking about what you might want to write: “Things sure were different back in the day…” “My kids/grandkids won’t believe this…” “Oh the stories that car could tell…”…

Pappys 67th B-day

Pappy’s Birthday

The above picture is of the birthday card my then 9-year-old granddaughter made and presented to me on my 67th birthday. She made it with construction paper and prints of photos of herself, her little sister and me she cut out. She does enjoy riding with me in my 74.5 MGB Black Betty also. You…

Rebecca Mills

In the Pursuit of Happiness

Shortly after getting my driver’s license I learned how to speed. Going fast was fun and going faster was more fun. The reality of it was, I grew up in rural Michigan and my first car was a Spitfire with a blown head gasket and rust everywhere. Old license plates were used to reinforce the…


Moss Motorfest 2015

With car shows—as in life and chocolate-filled boxes—you never know what you’re going to get. One of the draws to attending these events is the chance to see the previously unseen or gaze again upon an old favorite from the past. Typically, appreciating truly rare automobiles requires a trip to Pebble Beach or Amelia Island…


Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler

In 2011, I bought a 1980 MGB-LE and shortly thereafter my wife and I joined the British Motoring Club of New Orleans. The club has about 155 members in five chapters covering an area from the Gulf Coast to Baton Rouge. The most striking thing about all of our group activities is that each of…

Lily Mitchell

Kids Drawing Cars

Some kids draw horses or dinosaurs. Other kids, those whose parents drive the most beloved, smile-inducing vehicles on the planet—they draw cars. It gives us great pleasure to display the work of these young artists and future motoring enthusiasts. The future of the hobby is in the hands of kids just like these. Will our…


Fall Fun

Take one crazy farmer, a beautiful September day in Michigan, and MG car enthusiasts and it all leads to…an unforgettable time! Farmer Bill Hirsch, our current Old Speckled Hens president, who apparently doesn’t have enough to do, decided that if he took out 5 rows of corn it would be possible to make a maze…


The Miata’s Pure Blood – Mazda RX-7

The phrase pur sang (pure blood) has long been associated with the genius of Ettore Bugatti and his cars from Molsheim.  Adorned – more often than not in Bleu de France ­– Bugattis are unequivocal jewels that share an essence that imbues each unique car (regardless of model or type) with the same qualities emblematic of every other…

File this under "What was he thinking?"

Crimes Against Humanity and British Sports Cars

Field of Dreams, Brian’s Song and Old Yeller make me cry. The late night commercial of various animals languishing in shelters while Sarah Maclachlan wails about something sad in the background brings me close. I am sure if the Chicago Cubs ever win a World Series in my lifetime I’ll cry like a baby or…

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