Norman Dewis: A Jaguar Legend

By Graham Robson Like all the best racing drivers, Norman Dewis was a stocky little man. Like all the best racing drivers, he had boundless self-confidence. But although he looked the part, and was as fast as the superstars he befriended at Jaguar, Dewis was not a racing driver. Jaguar’s autocratic boss, Sir William Lyons,…


Gang Triumph

In the corner of a building in an industrial complex sit the collected pieces of a rough and rusted 1971 Triumph TR6. The engine is out, doors and panels are off and an inspection of the frame would cause you to cringe. To those who know what they’re looking at, the car is scrap-worthy. But…

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A Driven Life

Denise McCluggage began her fascination with automobiles as a six-year-old when she spotted an Austin Seven parked on the street near her house in Kansas. Not surprisingly, she soon asked Santa for one just like it. As a young girl she was smart and independent, choosing to leave home for the West Coast at 17….

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Mr. Big Healey – John Chatham

With the moniker of Mr. Big Healey, John Chatham has earned his status as one of the storied marque’s most legendary men. Across four decades, Chatham piloted DD300 – an Austin-Healey 3000 – on tracks around the world and became famous as one of the fastest drivers of the era. Chatham’s father purchased a garage…


Triumph with a Heart

They say cars are “just machines.” They say that automobiles don’t have personalities. We tend to agree, but with a disclaimer. Not that we think cars are a lifeform, have souls, or something like that. We do believe that some cars elicit feelings that are more than mechanical. It is hard to explain the passion…

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An Engine Rebuild For a Good Cause: Q&A with Dick Moritz

Back in November we introduced you to Dick Moritz and Dale Spooner, the spearheads of the hearty project that set to document the rebuild process of an MGB engine on the MG Experience Forum. Once completed, the engine will then be auctioned off and its proceeds will go toward the Make-A-Wish Foundation®. We’ve been following…

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An MGB Engine Rebuild with a Heart

A project that embodies both the tangible experience of automotive reconstruction and the humanitarian spirit behind car enthusiasm—that’s what Dale Spooner and Dick Moritz have set out to accomplish. Dale Spooner, owner of Motion Machine Inc. and a seasoned automotive machinist with experience in a range of engines (British and domestic, alike), and Dick Moritz,…

Ken Smith: A Hero of the LBC Hobby

Ken Smith: A Hero of the LBC Hobby

Get to Know Ken and Barby Smith Known as Mr. MGB, Ken Smith is one of the most recognized people in the LBC world. Along with his wife, Barby, Ken has shared his passion for the MG Marque throughout the world for most of his 84 years on earth. Ken worked at Moss Motors for…


Ginger Visits Colorado

Ginger and I have been traveling the country now for about 18 months (with the exceptions of the few times she’s been at McLeod’s British Cars for repairs) and we’ve had quite a few interesting experiences to say the least. While we travel we usually encounter people who relate their stories of having once owned…

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There Are Legends and Then There are Real Legends

Denise McCluggage definitely fits into the latter category. She was a legendary racer who competed against Phil Hill, Stirling Moss, Dan Gurney, Carroll Shelby and Juan Manuel Fangio. She won the GT class at Sebring running a Ferrari 250, won the Copa de Damas at the Grand Prix of Venezuela and the sedan class at the…

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