Some people run away from their struggles. Jeremy and Ben run with theirs.

Mini Marathon

By Ben Streeter and Jeremy Schaefer Jeremy: Our trip will begin when we leave Vermont on November 1st for Saint Helena Island on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, roughly a thousand miles from home. From there, I will begin running on foot, trying to average about 50 miles a day. The planned route is…


Nurburgring Novice

At the end of August 1961, John Whitmore had been racing in Denmark at the Roskilde Ring, doing battle with the work’s Saabs. He and Eoin Young then hurried down motorways to arrive in Germany at Adenau, performing a handbrake turn in the car park to celebrate a non-stop marathon. John and I were to…



May 2012 Some friends dragged me to British Car Week’s National Meet. Thank God for friends. The highlight of the trip was meeting a car named Grace and her driver, John Nikas. Grace, a 1953 Austin Healey 100-4, was traveling the United States in an effort to offer love, encouragement and hope for people affected…


Drive Like a Girl

I had no idea that the young girls of the post-World War II era dreamed of becoming race car drivers. Certainly a pony might appear in their hopeful plans for the future, and many of them took part very successfully in show jumping and cross-country events—Pat Moss included. But driving ambitions came as naturally to many…


Drive Away Cancer

When John Nikas turns the key, listens for the ticking of the fuel pump and presses the starter button of a 60-year old Austin Healey 100-4, he is acutely aware that, even with his high level of mechanical aptitude, soon enough he’s going to need help. Yes, these classic British sports cars do require care,…


A Life Well Lived

A group of us bench racers club members were at Al Moss’ house one day. Somewhere during the conversation he casually asked if anyone wanted a sure fire way to win a bet with other car club members. Who wouldn’t want an iron-clad bet winner? Al proceeded to claim he could bend an MG-T engine…

Glen Adams, Al Moss and Chris Kepler.

Moss: We Are Honored to Carry the Name

Al Moss, the founder and spirit of Moss Motors passed away Tuesday night, September 25, 2012. Here in our building and in our catalogs, too, Al’s presence is still palpable and will be, we hope, as long as we are in business. We are better because of it. Moss Motors didn’t start out to be…

Hotlanta, Racing, and a Frozen Warbird

Whether you’re referring to the racing or the weather, The Mitty, held at Road Atlanta from April 27-29 had plenty of hot to go around. Lovers of on track performance were greeted by both originals, and recreations of famous race cars from the heyday of Triumph sports car racing. If famous people are more your…


MGB and Its Impact on Me

I’ve thought a lot about this—anguished over it really. It is so hard for me to separate MGB from MG. The MGB has been the driving force of my business. We all enjoy the T-Series; love the curves of the MGAs; find the sedans from Ys to 1300s fascinating; wonder how the MGC was panned…

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