The British Invasion – Brits at the Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 might be considered America’s greatest race, but Britain has left an indelible mark on the legendary contest with multiple victories for both cars and drivers, and countless compelling story lines to enliven the story of the greatest spectacle in motorsport.   The first British citizen to win the race was Dario Resta…


What Might Been – The Stevens Cipher and the Mazda Miata

Almost ten years before the Mazda Miata would rekindle the world’s affection for small roadsters, Tony Stevens wanted to produce an affordable alternative to the designs offered by larger manufacturers. Stevens, who had been an engineer at the Rootes Group, working on various Sunbeam, Humber and Hillman designs had already dabbled in the small manufacturer waters…


Your MG Started with Me

I have insider information about the first days of some of these cars and it isn’t all pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I love British cars. I go to all the car shows I can within a 100-mile radius of Columbus, Ohio. To pay for college in the early 1970s, I worked as a lot…


Prince of Darkness – Joseph Lucas

I have long admired Joseph Lucas and when you get done with this article maybe you will too. A hard working family man, Lucas was never an English born Diogenes who wandered the streets of Birmingham trying to plot a scheme to keep you in the dark. The fact of the matter is that old…

From the Archives…Road Test – DOHC MG-A TWIN CAM

Design work on the twin-cam MG was inaugurated in March of 1953, but the public announcement did not take place until July of 1958—a lapse of a little over five years. Although this is an extraordinarily long interval (two years is normal practice, except for Ferrari, where they do this kind of thing in three months!),…

From the Archives…Road Test – Austin-Healey Sprite

Originally printed in the 1959 issue of Road Test Magazine The parallels between General Motors in this country and the British Motors Corporation in England are many. Both are the largest in their respective countries, both build close to half of all cars produced at home. Also, both build sports cars. But whereas GM builds…

From the Archives…Road Test: Austin-Healey Mille Miglia

Originally printed in the 1959 issue of Road Test Magazine In a country like the U.S., where change is often made just for its own sake, not every import which has remained basically unchanged for six years can continue to sell well. Was the Austin-Healey really so good originally, or have refinements kept it abreast…

Dahlberg in SS100 - Sept 2007

SS100 Jaguar: Sights and Sounds

Back in November of 1955, the car featured on the cover of Sports Cars Illustrated magazine was a 1939 SS100 Jaguar. The man in the driver’s seat was Dave Garroway, first host of television’s Today Show, beginning its broadcast run in 1952. He looks proud of his car, and justifiably so—only 314 of this model…

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