Issue 2, 2018


ISSUE 2, 2018

Welcome to Issue 2, 2018 of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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MGB Windshield Tech Tip

By Willie Alexander I replaced all the weatherstripping and glazing on the windshield of my 1979 MGB. A review of online forum posts indicated installation of the windshield would be a challenge. I dry fitted the windshield and found the forward lip section and bottom tubular section of the ‘windshield to body seal’ creating interference…

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On My Reckless Way

By Scott Fischer “Yes. This.” That was the two-word Facebook posting from my friend, and fellow British-car sufferer, Jeff Zurschmeide in April 2013. It accompanied a Craigslist ad he’d found for a 1951 MG TD, unrestored, in a nearby town at the edge of the Oregon wine country. From the pictures, it looked complete, straight,…

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Gotta Get It Right

By Michael Kotowski “You are now approaching a roundabout. Please enter in a anti-clockwise direction and take the third carriageway on the right,” said the voice from my GPS. Earlier that afternoon I had cleverly toggled my GPS’s voice to “English Gal.” She has a charming British accent, although some of her terms and cues…

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The Winner’s Circle of Life

By Jeff Porada My good friend suggested we restore cars together. This nudge in my life made sense. Get paid to do something I love? Yes, I like that idea. I had been running a restaurant and touring with a jazz band but it was nearly impossible to play music around a busy restaurant schedule,…

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Performance Art

By Tony Ly I have been in the hobby since my late teens. I love these cars, especially the Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite for its unique personality and character. As I got older, my visual taste and appreciation expanded to other forms of art, too. The first time I saw Revi Ferrer’s work, I was immediately…


A Tale of Two Teachers

By Brian Kinney Memories are funny things. In 1963, when I was four, my Dad bought my Mother a birthday present. I know this because I have the hand written bill of sale in the glove box. It was a red, 1961 Triumph TR3A Type 20 roadster. My Dad had recently been stationed in Hawaii…

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Bug Eye assembly

Bugeye Beginnings

By Graham Robson Many years ago, when I was an undergraduate at Oxford, I met up and became great friends with Mike Woodcock. We were both petrol-heads, both determined to join Jaguar if we could, and became the company’s first two graduate trainees in 1957. Mike and I roomed together for several years after that,…

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Lab Coat Lessons

A word of caution: working on automobiles is potentially dangerous, as is swimming in the ocean, snow skiing, and grilling hamburgers. The following procedure requires experience and commonsense. A post-graduate degree wouldn’t hurt either. ~Ed   Repair of a Mechanical Temperature Gauge By John Neumeier In 1984 I arrived in San Diego with a duffel…


A British Chorus

By Robert Goldman As Moss Motors enters its 70th year in business, we are buffeted by some basic facts of life. To have driven an MG TC at 16 years of age in 1948, one must be 86 years old today. Those folks, and the ones who came shortly behind, are leaving us. Back around…


The Odyssey Home

My precarious and intrepid trek to “The best-kept secret on the border.” So secret I’ve not been able to find it. by Paul Q. Stover   The phone rang. Steve announced, “Your car is ready.” Many years ago I bought a Triumph TR3 roadster. After scouring the country I found the beauty in a barn,…


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