Issue 3, 2018


ISSUE 3, 2018

Welcome to Issue 3, 2018 of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Teenage Triumph Tales

By Raymond Lacy In Sacramento, California, in 1959, my mother must have been having a momentous mid-life crisis due to the stresses of having to deal with me. She went out looking for a replacement for her ’49 Chevy sedan and spotted a little red sports car on a used car lot. Thus began my…

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Belts are a Cinch

Story provided by your friends in the Moss Tech Department Recently, when my neighbor’s son, Steve, started his Classic British car, sometimes I’d hear a loud squeal from the motor. Lately it’s been getting worse. Either that, or he’s waking up earlier and my ears are more sensitive when it’s dark out. One Sunday morning…

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The MGA Effect

By Scott Shnurman I’ve never written to a magazine before, but this exercise has been helpful. It’s been exactly four weeks since my best friend died. He just happened to be my Dad. Devastation is too weak a word to describe my feelings. I’m fortunate to have a car story to help pull me through…

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Jamie Pfeiffer: 1944-2018

“They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To.” This was the headline of a Moss advertisement from the late 1980s. The “camera-ready” artwork sat for decades in a dusty file cabinet—and it truly was artwork since within the ad was a drawing by Jamie Pfeiffer. Jamie worked as an illustrator at Moss Motors in the…

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11-1975 Coral Gables Grille & Lamps

Defining Moments

By Bob Melka In the spring of 1971, I was a young Naval Officer recently back from a year in Vietnam. Assigned as a counter-insurgency instructor in Coronado, California, I routinely met with a few friends for lunch at the Officers’ Club bar. Discussion one day turned to sports cars, and I recounted my long-standing…

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British Car Myths

By Eric Glomstad I began my ownership of British cars when I was 19 years old. The vehicle was a Jaguar XK150, which I drove through my first three years of college. Since then, I have owned six Jaguars, seven MGBs, two Midgets, one Sunbeam Alpine, two Triumph TR3s, and three Austins. Through all the…

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The Cottage Industry of Abingdon

By Graham Robson It was on arriving at MG’s headquarters in Abington, near Oxford, for the very first time (in the 1960s), that I suddenly had to decide exactly what sort of business I was visiting. Was I about to enter a manufacturing facility, or merely a cute, old-fashioned, assembly plant? In fact I think…

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My First and Last

By Julius Aballera We were a part of the Second Great Migration. I was born in Arkansas in 1949 and when I began school my family moved to South Central Los Angeles. 10 years later we moved to Pismo Beach in Central California. When I wasn’t playing sports, I was running a paper route, pulling…

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