Letters to the Editor, Winter 1984

Dear Sirs,

I have Just read your Autumn 1983 issue of”The Moss Motoring News letter” and found it very interesting. I own a 1967 3000 MKIII Austin Healey and enjoyed in particular the articles dealing with the AH. I am also one of your customers and would like to receive future issues of your Newsletter. Having recently been elected president of the Brandywine Valley section of the Austin Healey Sports and Touring Club, I know our members will also enjoy your publications.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

EG. Leser

Ed Note: Glad you enjoy our publications. Moss Motoring, as well as our Sales Flyers, Price Updates, etc., are mailed automatically to all customers on our mailing list who order from us at least once a year.

Dear Fellow MG Enthusiasts:

Even though I’m driving “one of those German things” now, I started out with a beautiful 1967 (last of the belch-fire) MGB. I restored her, slalomed her, raced her, and loved her. It was only when the floor boards in the passenger’s scuttle blew out one day on the Bee Line Expressway in Orlando, Florida during a rain storm did I realize it was time to sell my Old English White friend.

Now they’ve ripped down Abingdon the heartless creeps! I have to have one of the bricks with Thornley and Enever’s signatures on the plaque. I’ve enclosed a check to reserve one of the mementos for me – the check includes the shipping fees.

Sure, a Bimmer is faster, more reliable, more aerodynamic, more technologically advanced than my “B”. But it can never duplicate driving along on a hot summer night with the top down listening to that special Abarth-accented exhaust note, watching the generator lamp glowing faintly red and wondering. “Oh no…what now?”

Bob .Roemer
Editor at Large
BMW Car Club of America

Ed. Note: Thanks for the order. Bob! We were pleasantly surprised by the response to the brick sale and had to rush reorder twice! Seems a lot of people shared your desire for a part of MG history. (We still have a few left: Part #229-610)


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