Letters to the Ed: Summer 1985

From Moss Motoring 1985



I have been well pleased with the quality of your products, the promptness of your service and the conduct of your business in an ethical manner. You and your products were recommended to me by people that have used Moss Motors and have been very pleased with the results. Incidents have been related to me that indicate how well Moss stands behind its products and service, which is a major reason for doing business with you. My purchases from you are by mail order which is a golden opportunity for things to go wrong. That has not been the case with Moss, and I do not expect it to be the case Keep up the good work!

In connection with possible improvements, I would consider the grouping of sale items in your Moss Motoring newsletter by type automobile if possible. Other than that, congratulations on a nice touch that helps maintain the enthusiasm in dealing with these cars

Michael R O’Donnell Birmingham, AL


Dear Sir:

This is just a short note to let you know that I’m very pleased with the service from Moss Motors.

During the past 10 years I have owned 4 Bugeyes, 2 TR-3s and 2 MGs(also model A Ford, but that was a mistake). During this time I have used Moss Motors numerous times for hard to find parts, and I have never been disappointed

I’m most impressed with the professional manner of taking orders via the telephone. Your sales people are tops!

I’m in the graphic arts business, and have been for the past 14 years With this past experience, I feel that I know a Top Quality Publication when I see one, and I must say that Moss Motoring is first rate.

Patrick E Neibert Nappanee, IN


Dear Moss,

Not only do I look forward to receiving the next issue of ‘Moss Motoring’, I often go to the mailbox each day hoping that you have decided to make it a monthly publication.

I heard about Moss from the gentleman who sold me my ’57 MGA, and have been hooked on you ever since. Your quality parts, fantastic service, and honest, straight forward business practices are a breath of fresh air.

I am a customer for life!

Dalton Smith Kingsburg, CA


Dear Moss Motors:

Just a note to thank you for the service your company has rendered to myself and many others. The excellent parts and technical information have helped keep my ’69 Roadster in the best of running condition. For years I’ve written to many British parts specialists to obtain parts, but no other can match the quality of parts combined with reasonable prices and friendly atmosphere of Moss. Please keep up the good work!

Tony J. Hickman Killeen, TX


To Moss Motors:

I buy parts from any source that I can (new & used). For mail order new parts, I regard Moss Motors as No. 1. Keep it up!

The XK Jaguars are my interest. I buy parts for mere collecting as well as repair and restoration.

Dan Parpart Beaverton, OR

I used to collect parts …one day I made them into a car. Ed

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