Looking Back: the Folly of Youth

To help keep the LBC legacy alive, we’re looking for spirited stories from your immortal youth. For example, here are a few starter sentences to consider when thinking about what you might want to write:

“Things sure were different back in the day…”
“My kids/grandkids won’t believe this…”
“Oh the stories that car could tell…”

In 1,000 words (or more, or less), show today’s generation some of the petrol-fueled adventures they missed. Who knows, maybe they’ll learn something.

Entries that get selected for the Moss Motoring magazine will receive a $200 Moss gift certificate. We realize it’s not always possible, but it would be helpful if you include photos to go with the story.

P.S. If your story is one that you prefer your friends or significant other not know about, let us know the pen name you’d like us to employ.

P.P.S. The above photo was provided by Roger Dowding. “I don’t know anymore who took the picture, but this was shot at the 1980 Bardahl Hillclimb in New Zealand.”

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  1. May 28, 2016 @ 5:45 pm Roger Dowding

    The TR4A, [ Reg No DF 4958 ] a 1967 model, was used competitively in New Zealand by me from 1978 to 1980, the photo above was at a Hill Climb that was part of a series run by different car clubs around the Auckland and Waikato [ Hamilton NZ ] areas over the summer. This is at the MG Car Clubs Bald Hill Road climb in early 1980, I have a series of photos of the car competing at the various events in this series and at Pukekohe Race Track in Sprints. I thank Ken Hyndman from Moss Motors for posting the photo. the print was given to me by a guy at the next climb in the series a fortnight later. I do not recall who he was.


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