Who Makes Up Moss Motors? Step Inside and Find Out!

The other day I was finishing up a drawing for a part that I am sending out for manufacture when I got a call from April, our receptionist. She wanted to know if I had time to show some folks around who were visiting from Florida. I said sure. It would be a welcome break from staring at bearing dimensions all day long. As we walked through the building and I was busy explaining all the different departments. I began to realize that most people aren’t aware of just how much goes on hereat Moss. Heck, we don’t even realise it sometimes! We’re always happy to take the time and explain the workings when people come by for a visit, but what about all of our loyal customers who can’t so easily visit? So, we thought that we’d take some space here and briefly outline some of the processes involved, and all of the different hands and minds involved, as a product travels from manufacturers to your doorstep, ultimately ending up on your car. We think that you will be surprised at some things you may not have known about Moss Motors.

Customer Service

If you do ever have a problem with an order or wish to inquire about any of your business with us, you can call our customer service department and talk to someone who will do everything they can to assure that you are a satisfied customer! This is our only goal.

Product Development

Considerable time and effort goes into deciding which products have the highest demand, when we look at the possibility of manufacturing a product. Quite often, there isn’t significant demand, but if it is a critical component, and thus part of our over all commitment to keeping your British car on the road, we manufacture it as well. We first must acquire original samples and drawings of the item, and then seek a manufacturer to produce it for us. Over the years, we have developed relation ships with over 750 different sources world wide. We have always asked for your assistance in helping us make these decisions, so if you have a suggestion for a product you’d like to see us carry then please feel free to let us know with a post card or note addressed c/o Product Development.

Machine Shop

We staff a fully equipped production machine shop which manufactures a host of products specifically for us, such as MG T-series wiper arm links, bumper brackets for many different models, and specialty items, like our newly introduced rear-main seal tool for Triumphs. Over the years we have produced a truly amazing amount of products here, and as a result we can currently offer the only source for certain items which would be obsolete otherwise.


From its inception, a product idea and samples then go to the development stage, where prototypes are developed and tested (usually by attaching the part to one of our dozen or so cars that we own, for that purpose). In over 40 years of manufacturing, we have developed very strong relationships with manufacturers all over the world. Including the United States, England, greater Europe, Argentina, Taiwan, and Australia. In short, we have the resources to get the job done, now and in the future.


Our domestic and foreign buyers work closely with the Product Development team to insure that we always have stock of the items you will be needing from us, and in good supply. Whenever possible, we keep several sources on file for each individual component, so if there is ever a problem with something, or we unpredictably run low on stock of an item, we can fill orders very quickly from an other source. Tracking all of tills is very complicated, and whenever possible we make every effort to buy from the original manufacturers.


Every day we receive an unbelievable number of crates and full containers from suppliers all over the world, including Moss Europe, to which we ship an equally impressive number of crates. As inventory is received, it is inspected for correctness and quality, labeled and stocked as quickly as possible. Of course, our main warehouse location is here in Goleta, but we also maintain an extensive inventory in our Dover, NJ. warehouse. This allows us to ship from both coasts and offer the same fast service no matter where you happen to live. Didn’t you ever wonder how your package arrived in Connecticut from California in only 24 hours, by regular ground UPS? Now you know how we did it!

Sales Department

When you pick up the phone and call Moss Motors to place an order, you will be speaking with one of our seventeen full and part time sales professionals, who know British cars! Everyone has a definitive interest in British cars and many spend their free time working around and on their own cars. As you place an order, we automatically determine the closest warehouse to ship it from, and will ship a portion of the same order from different locations to ensure a part is not backordered. Of course we pioneered the convenience of a British sports car toll-free order line, and are proud to have the friendliest sales staff in the business!

Upholstery Shop

Long before other parts’ suppliers were interested in producing true original style upholstery for funny little obsolete cars, we were taking apart original seats and door panels, and making patterns to produce our own range of upholstery for all of the lines we service. Our kits have long been recognized for their originality and high quality, and we can even supply complete, brand new frames and cushions, creating the ultimate brand new seat for several models! Many of our convertible hoods are made right here as well, so you are assured of an even color match if you buy all of your upholstery from Moss.

Art & Advertising

All of our professional catalogs and newsletters are produced In-house by our own staff of artists and editors. As a new product is brought in, we decide how best to promote it, ad copy is written and graphics are created to match, and then it is an official new product. It is truly wonderful to see your own ideas and visions brought to life at the hands of artists!

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