Persistance Pays

From Moss Motoring 1983

My acquisition of the 1950 MG-TD I now own is interestingly humorous. Since 1969 when the MG was introduced to me (until then I hadn’t really noticed how beautiful a car it was) I had wanted to purchase one. Searching the classifieds in Feb. of 1982 I saw one for sale. Upon calling the Phone number, a young girl relayed the bad news that her father had just sold his car. I displayed disappointment, but threw away the ad. All day I passed the trash can debating whether or not to pursue my dream car. At dinner time, digging through the garbage, I found the ad completely covered with grease and other kitchen rubbish. I spoke again to the girl and pleaded that she have her dad call when he arrived from work. Not an hour later the fellow returned the call only to solidify the fact that the MG was truly sold. I asked that I just stop over to “visit” it and reluctantly he agreed. The pleading and begging an adult is capable of when a beautiful piece of machinery is at stake, is incredible. The fellow laughed and said he’d never seen such enthusiasm and that surely I would be more suited to care for his auto. I am now the proud owner! -Jill Weber Middle Island, N.Y.


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