Spring 1985

Welcome to the Spring 1985 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Tech Tip – Brake Adjustments

Adjustment of most British brake systems is a simple operation which should be done regularly. The general method is to turn the adjusters clockwise until the shoe comes up against the drum, ‘clicking back’ until the wheel turns free. Most manuals recommend one click to free the drum, but two or more are usually needed….


Tech Tip – Spring Brake Tech Article

By R. B. Hart Freshly tuned carburettors, proper running adjustments, an oil and filter change; these are just the start of a successful driving season Making sure that your car will stop is probably the most important part of the Spring maintenance routine This year, why not give your car a thorough brake safety check?…



Over the last two years, Moss Motoring has been well received. Your letters and calls are most encouraging. Contributions and commentary have been received from all over the world; as far away as New Zealand. Now in our third year of publication, Moss Motoring is making important advances. Our art department has already made some…


Legend – Sir William Lyons

In every facet of life we have legends, men whose deeds and accomplishments put them out in front In music or art. It seems you have to die to become a legend in sports you can be a legend and be forgotten in the same decade. But in the world of automobiles there are some…

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Moss Catalogs: A World-Wide Standard

Extensive research with an exceptional effort towards accuracy along with clean design and illustration techniques make Moss catalogs a cut above the rest. Moss Motors’ comprehensive catalogs are among the best offered to the British automobile enthusiast. Our parts numbering system is used throughout the world. It is not uncommon to see enthusiasts at swap…


Club Corner Pt 2, A Continuing Series

From Moss Motoring 1985 BY LAWRIE ALEXANDER Last time we talked about forming your local club. You did that (well done!), but now you’re looking for something to do with all your new found club-mates… Since a stated goal in the By-Laws of many clubs is ‘the enjoyment of our cars’, and since ours are…


Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems

From Moss Motoring 1985 Most of us are all too familiar with our exhaust system. For the most part, they are out of sight, but not out of earshot. They hang tenuously under the car, rusting away, eating holes in your parts budget. Replacement is a regular, costly job not on anyone’s list of ‘fun…

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1985 Moss Motoring Photo Contest

From Moss Motoring 1985 Photographing our cars and the people who enjoy them is a big part of everyone’s involvement with the British Car. There are as many cameras as there are cars at most events. Camera toting enthusiasts are after the ‘special’ shot or the specific detail shots needed to finish a restoration accurately….


Hint – Jack Aids Exhaust System

From Moss Motoring 1985 Headpipes are sometimes difficult to attach to the exhaust manifold, especially when working alone. This helpful hint will make your life easier. Mount the hangers and support brackets to the pipe but do not tighten any parts until the headpipe is secured. Place a small jack under the headpipe and run…


Tech Tip – Frozen Treat TD, TF Gearbox

From Moss Motoring 1985 In building TD and TF Gearboxes, a dummy shaft is used in removing and replacing the cluster gear which is located in the bottom of the gear box. One of the last steps in the assembly process is to turn the gearbox over allowing the cluster gear to fall into place….


The Classifieds: A Short Story

From Moss Motoring 1985 BY REID TRUMMEL I read the ads. The Austin Healey ads, that is. Any newspaper, any city, any time, the first thing I go for is the ads. Actually, I read the ads for Jaguars, Triumphs, and sometimes the MGs and Alfas, too, but the ones that really interest me are…


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