Spring 1986

Welcome to the Spring 1986 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Spridget: The Bike Shed Ferrari

Spridgets: Sprites, Midgets, Bugeyes, Frogeyes. There must be a million of them and it looks as if no one owns just one. Actually, there were something under half a million (355,888) of them produced and their owners are among the most loyal afficionados around. Some of these folks have had one Spridget after another and…


MGB Tops ALMOST Install Themselves!

Although the installation of an MGB top is fairly straight forward (and clearly detailed in a couple of the books we sell), many people prefer to have it done professionally. But what if there is not a good ‘top shop’ near where you live, or if you’d rather not pay to have it done? For…


Marque Craze ’86

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder when the Marque Day is? Summer is fast approaching and with it comes Moss Motors’ celebration of sunshine and sports cars. The Marque Day was started as a low key, fun day. A chance to bring out the car, meet people and find some bargains. Two…


Installing Moss’ New BJ8 Seat Kits

For those of you who have waited for Moss Motors to produce an exact reproduction of Austin Healey BJ8 seat kits, your patience is being rewarded. The following article by John Sarena is a step-by-step guide to installing BJ8 seat covers. John, our upholstery division manager, has a tremendous wealth of experience in upholstery installation….


Editorial – Spring 1986

It’s finally spring–time to get the car out of the garage and your pens and pencils out of your pocket You will be spending some time on the repair and maintenance of your car or possibly finishing a restoration. Now, while you’re right in the middle of things, is the ideal time to send us…


Additional Notes (On How to Prep for the O.O.T.T.T)

Dave Raymond’s article on prepping for the O.O.T.T.T. is excellent, and if all the checks that are suggested are done thoroughly. your car should run the entire trip with a minimum of difficulty. It has, however, been my experience that no matter how well prepared a car is, vibrations will loosen unexpected components and things…


Preparing for the O.O.T.T.T.

The T Series car is uniquely qualified for a long trip such as the Ocean to Ocean Tourist Trophy. Take, for example, atypical TD. With a5:125 rear axle it will run at approximately 60 MPH at slightly over 4,000 R.P.M. which figures out to about 2,500 feet per minute piston speed. This, while actually exceeding…


Club Corner

A Continuing Series by Lawrie Alexander There arc many varieties of Rallies to provide enjoyable motoring competition for club members, from the simple Poker Rally (follow a prescribed route to five locations, pick up a playing card in a sealed envelope at each location, the best hand wins) to the fast-paced, demanding TSD (Time-Speed-Distancc) Rally…


Is Your Car Right?

By Chris Nowlan Everyone knows sports cars are fun to drive but few sports car owners really enjoy the full performance their cars were designed to provide. XKE’s, Bugeye Sprites, and everything in between were designed with driving pleasure as the first priority. Sports cars are meant to be driven. The styling that we’ve all…

Check workshop manual for torque sequence on your specific cylinder head

How to Install a Cylinder Head

Despite their solid appearance and considerable weight, cylinder heads are actually rather fragile. A brand new head will be ruined in a short order if improperly installed. This guide is reprinted from BMC’s Gold Seal engine instructions. Never attempt major repairs without a workshop manual. It is important to avoid the re-use of very old…


Finishing a Restoration

By W.A. Ramoska This is the story of how a ‘parts car’ became a Jaguar (JCNA) concours winner. All the work with the exception of the chroming and sewing of leather was done by an average guy (myself) in my garage. I found what was to be my ‘E’ in a garage in Akron, Ohio….


Random Reflections

By Steve Wurster It is often said that when you ponder past events and deeds, you remember the good times more than the bad. I find this is certainly true when I recall all the cars I have owned. One day as I sat and day dreamed, I listed all the cars that I have…


Weber Carburettors: Easier to Install Than You Think!

Weber carburettors have recently become the hot set up. Why after being around for years has the down draft now come into its own? The answer is simple. Confusion over installation and tuning has shrouded the Weber in mystery, relegating it to the domain of the wizard mechanic and performance fanatic Now, thanks to the…

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Quality Products Now and Forever at Moss Motors

Some weeks ago, a customer phoned to compliment us on the quality of a Moss interior kit he had received.We at Moss always enjoy hearing from our customers. It helps us maintain the level of quality expected from the leader in British sports car spares.This customer’s comments on his TR3 interior lot brought to mind…


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