Spring 1995

Welcome to the Spring 1995 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Morris Minors: New Love for an Old Classic

(On our travels around the country with the Moss Road Show, we’ve been struck by the large numbers of Morris Minors and their enthusiastic owners we met. So we asked Tony Burgess of the Morris Minor Registry to give us an update on the “Mighty Minor” scene in the U.S. today. —Ed.) The Morris Minor…


Original MGB Book Review

The “Original” series, now numbering 15 volumes, has become one of the outstanding references for restorers, archivists, and enthusiasts. “Original MGB,” the most recent addition to the series, is Anders’ fourth contribution. He writes from a unique position as Archivist for the Heritage Motor Center. Since 1979, he has had access to the records and the…


Moss Motors Festival 1994 Review

For those of you who didn’t go, it will be difficult to recount in this article the atmosphere of a bunch of British car enthusiasts getting together! The idea was handed down from on high, so to speak, from our Chairman Howard Goldman, in fact! Why not have a festival for British sports car enthusiasts, the…


Cures Worth Considering: Triumph Tech

Triumphs have been getting me from here to there for 40 years! Nobody does anything to my TR if there’s any way I can do it myself. That’s how I learned the following things the hard way. A Positive Change Your TR2/3 is positive ground. After installing new battery cables, with negative going to ground and…


50 Ways to Show Your Love for British Sports Cars

This year, Moss Motoring has compiled the most comprehensive listing of British sports car events you are ever likely to see, with over 50 events nationwide! Some of these events are local, some are regional, and several are national events. Whatever the case, they all deserve your support, so get out there and go to at least one of…


Under the Bonnet: Spring 1995

FRONT WHEEL BEARINGS The condition of front wheel bearings is of vital importance to your safety, but is often overlooked. Main concerns are cleanliness, lubrication, and adjustment (where adjustment is possible). Bearings which have suffered a lack of any of these will usually need to be replaced. While reference to a good workshop manual specific…


The Lug Nuts

The MG owner stared at the lug nut in his hand and silently cursed the gas station mechanic. He looked back up at the parts store. “Tiny’s Auto Parts.” The words were painted on the storefront window of a narrow brick building, sandwiched between a dry cleaner and a shoe repair. A dusty collection of…


Tech Tips: Spring 1995

I enjoy getting your newsletter very much and when it arrives I devour it cover to cover! I especially enjoy the Tech Tips and Under the Bonnet features and get a lot of useful information from them. Owning a 1976 MG Midget can be quite a challenge at times! Recently every 50 miles or so,…


Moss-Sponsored Midget Takes Championship

A driver’s-eye view from Stephen Newby. THE EVENT. This was the third in a three-race series sponsored by the Sports Car Club of BC, and the last race of the season in the International Conference of Sports Car Club championship race series. The championship points battle would be decided in this race. QUALIFYING. The Newby…


The Nut Behind the Wheel: Spring 1995

Sometimes it’s hard taking your own advice. But here’s an example when it really paid off. I wrote this article on the day I delivered my 1955 BN1 Austin-Healey to the paint shop a few months ago for the final body work and respray. Respray ain’t the half of it, however. Allow me to reminisce…


Confessions of a British Import Car Dealer

So you think your British sports car is absolutely, positively original, eh?! You think it’s just as it left those famous factories in Abingdon or Coventry? Well, don’t bet on it. I’m here after all these years to tell you why. Even if you witnessed your precious new automobile being delivered straight off the transporter…


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