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Well Dressed: Treat Your Car—and Yourself—to Leather Seats

Many British car owners focus on their cars’ paint and chrome, but what about the seats? Every minute of drive time involves sitting on those seats—shouldn’t they be the best they can be? Moss makes replacement seat covers with exact materials, as well as upgraded leather kits. As part of an overall restoration project, leather…


Reflections on Amelia

Sitting at a local’s bar, half a block from the main tourist drag in historic Fernandina Beach, Florida, one has the opportunity to reflect. Over the outdoor speakers, B.B. King picks out Lucille as only he can, and above my head a hand written sign warns “Do NOT leave the porch with beers.” Above the…


MGA Resto with a Twist—Or Is It a Stretch?

In 1997 I found a 1958 MGA that someone had used as a parts car back in the 1980s. I soon discovered that the body and frame were too far gone with rust, and with no engine and other important parts gone, this was going to be a very difficult restoration. So I asked myself,…


Mini: Offering a Myriad of Options

Car owners have always loved vehicles that seem to smile. That’s one reason why the Mini was one of the most successful automobiles of all time, but there are plenty more reasons too. It’s easy to upgrade performance and customize appearance, it has cachet and it’s a blast to drive. No wonder 5.3 million Minis…


Little Go Green – Electric Bugeye

After quite a rough life that included a wreck, a nasty encounter with a rogue firework, and decades in storage, Mark Hayes’ trusty Sprite has been revived. He has truly breathed new life into what’s now an eco-friendly and literally green electric commuter car. Nicknamed the Little Go Green, this 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite MkII—don’t let…


John Twist: “MG Is My Destiny”

John Twist insists he is not a car guy—he’s a MG guy. He doesn’t care about any other makes or models, not even other British cars. It’s all about MG, and has been for over 40 years. MG owners around the world have benefited from this exclusive affair. Twist was just 16 years old when…


Economy Run Revival

Not all Competitions Require the Pedal to the Metal Instead of the same old wax-and-shine car show, some clubs are reviving the economy run events that were popular in the past but unheard of in recent times. They require a different skill set since they’re driving events—think shifting and braking rather than cleaning and polishing….


Cooling the Handsome Brute with the Texas Kooler

The driving season is coming. Car clubs across the country are sending out invitations and registration forms to their members, and events long in the planning stage are popping up on calendars from Bangor to San Diego. I just received my second email about California Healey Week, (May 19-23, Temecula, CA). A looming event date…


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