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2017 Motoring Challenge Winners!

The 2017 Moss Motoring Challenge was a high scoring scramble to be sure, all the way from point “A” to point “Razzmatazz!” Interestingly, assuming my addition skills have improved since third grade, the prize winners are exactly evenly split between Miata and classic British car owners. (Not that I’m trying to boost the friendly competition that…


Moss Excalibur? Not Quite…

Most don’t know that there is a small group of us with American made cars who rely on Moss Motors to help keep our vehicles on the road. I’m fortunate to have one of those, a 1966 Excalibur SSK roadster. The entire name is necessary to distinguish it as one of the early 97 doorless…

Kaitlyn, Jack and Lacey

Bugeye Wedding

I rode Harley Davidson motorcycles for years and thoroughly enjoyed it.  But life was too busy with 3 kids in 3 different sports year round.  I wanted a project car that I could step out into the garage and work on when I had an extra hour to two.  So in Nov 2009, I sold…


Greyhounds and Cars

Retirement came with a couple of unexpected realizations: I was in a good position to adopt a dog, and having prepared for retirement meant stocks left me by my mother were uncommitted. For many years my 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I was my only car since as a San Diegan I could ride my Harley…


Men in Sheds – Hamblin Cadet & De Luxe

Sid Hamblin was a proficient panel beater based in Dorset who fashioned an aluminum body for installation on an Austin Seven chassis in 1956. The design was attractive and the mechanicals were plentiful and inexpensive to obtain so Hamblin decided to offer the body for sale as a kit. The Hamblin Deluxe was launched in…

Morgan Co 3

Moss Morgan Challenge

Some of my friends participated in the Motoring Challenge in their MGs in 2013. It seemed like it could be a lot of fun. My wife and I thought it might be something we could do. We like touring in our car. Much more fun that sitting around at a car show. But my British…

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Profile – Triumph Stag Fastback

Triumph had once accomplished the transformation from an open roadster to fastback coupe with the Triumph Spitfire and GT6 and management was keen to see whether lightning could strike twice with the conversion of the luxurious Stag to an enclosed coupe. The Triumph Stag Fastback was originally the idea of Spen King, who had taken…


Names to Know – Jaguar’s Sir William Lyons

Sir William Lyons was born in Blackpool in 1901, the namesake of  an Irish father and an English mother. A bright boy, he was curious about machinery and good at school work. His family secured for him an engineering apprenticeship at Crossley Motors where he developed an intense interest in the burgeoning automotive industry. In…


Profile – Triumph TR3 Beta

Despite the fact that plans for the TR4 were well underway by 1960, the ever present problem of insufficient funds led Triumph management to question the wisdom – and financial viability – of replacing the TR3A with Michelotti’s TR4. An alternative was proposed that would have been much cheaper (and far less effective) to implement…

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MG GT V8 – A Different Cat

The fact that the high-performance MGB GT V8 shared the same appearance as its more pedestrian siblings was deemed harmful to its position in the marketplace especially as it was difficult to distinguish the more potent car in various advertising efforts. As always with most British manufacturers, cost was an issue but it was deemed…

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