Summer 1992

Welcome to the Summer 1992 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Tech Tips: Summer 1992

MGB Windshield Installation Tip Joe Coffman Cranbury, TX I would like to pass on a tip that might save some time and effort for others, as it has me. When replacing the windshield frame to the body on MGBs, the holes have to be in almost perfect alignment to install the four bolts that hold…


From the Ground-Up

When I decided to restore a vintage race car. I had little idea what it would lead to—four months of late nights, early mornings and weekends, in a cold garage, an empty wallet and more fun and satisfaction than I thought possible. I first became interested in racing in the late ’50s, when my older…


How to Diagnose Wiring Troubles

Does your car let you down every time you try to a start it, or those wipers only work when it is not raining? Perhaps the indicators go dim every time you apply the brakes, and the horn only operates when the lights are off. Before you go out to buy new lights, horns, switch…


The Club Scene – Summer, 1992

Occasionally, my wife Barby will let me drive her 1952 MG TD down to the beach; other times I can take the Moss 1959 TR3 for a spin over the beautiful Santa Ynez mountains that frame Goleta, and friend of mine with a Bugeye Sprite can be coerced into the loan of the car for…


Back to the Basics – Your Ignition System

This is the first of a series of articles on basic tuning techniques to help you maintain your car to original factory specifications. Since the ignition system must be in good order before any other systems, such as the carburetor(s), can be properly adjusted, we will begin with a brief discussion on ignition timing procedures. These instructions…


Our Racing Bugeye Sprite

I became interested in racing at an early age when my father took me to races at Laguna Seca in the ’60s. He used to own and race a Bugeye Sprite when the cars were brand new. Naturally I gravitated to H Production as that’s been the SCCA class that Bugeyes have been assigned to…


Freedom is an MGB: Terry Waite, Home at Last, in the Car He Dreamed Of

Freedom is an MGB. Initially, it sounds like a cliched advertising slogan thought up in days of yore, when the sports car was a symbol of wind in the hair and the type of freedom that comes from driving along country lanes with the hood down. However, freedom, in this instance, stands for something very…


Who Makes Up Moss Motors? Step Inside and Find Out!

The other day I was finishing up a drawing for a part that I am sending out for manufacture when I got a call from April, our receptionist. She wanted to know if I had time to show some folks around who were visiting from Florida. I said sure. It would be a welcome break…


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