Summer 1995

Welcome to the Summer 1995 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Further Confessions of a British Import Car Dealer

In our last issue, we gave you an insider’s view into the world of dealers who sold British sports cars when they were new. Our anonymous contributor now continues his tale! So you STILL think it’s original, eh? Surely a swap of an interior is not going to count, is it? Well, how about swapping a set of wheels?…


The Healey-Powered Huffaker Special

One September afternoon in 1992, I was browsing through the August 31 issue of “Autoweek” magazine. What piqued my curiosity was a letter in rebuttal to an article in the July 27 “Autoweek” issue. That article claimed that a Devin-bodied special, currently being raced in vintage races, was the first Huffaker Special built. The letter…


Club Scene: Summer 1995

It doesn’t seem five minutes since we put the Mossmobile into storage for the winter. However, here we are getting ready once again to go out on the great American highways to meet with all our friends, old and new, who have an interest in classic British cars. While preparing the RV for our journeys,…


Chaput Chatter

In which our Sales Manager, Mike Chaput, ruminates in his inimitable manner. What is the main reason we drive British sports cars? I think the answer is obvious. British sports cars provide us with a driving experience that is fun, exhilarating, and unique. The cars have a personality all their own and somehow find a place in our hearts….


At Full Chat: Summer 1995

A few months ago, I was invited to Goleta to serve on a panel assembled to judge a number of British enthusiast club publications. It was to prove a gratifying experience, one that left me optimistic regarding the future of the sports car fraternity (sorority, too). I was reminded of my tenure decades ago as…


20 Years of the TR7: Triumph or Disaster?

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the Triumph TR7, a car which, over time, has been both maligned and only faintly praised. Our correspondent, Mark Dixon, recently tested two fine examples owned by TR7 enthusiasts and reports thus… I have to confess that while TR7s have never figured prominently in my list…


The MG Midget GTs

Midget GTs? That’s right, Midget GTs! The factory in Abingdon actually built Midget GTs. Well, at least three of them, and they had to be built in secret, so the mother company (BMC) would not find out. But this story starts out back in 1955 with a man named Dick Jacobs. Dick Jacobs was a successful…


The MG Magnette

The late 1950s imported car boom in America was fueled by dozens of mechanically interesting and unusual cars that were brought from all over the world. The most memorable and collectable examples were the sleek and powerful sports and luxury cars that came from Germany and England and the low production Italian exotics, though vast…


65 Years On: A Year in the Life of an MG 14/40

Recently, we were delighted to welcome to Moss Motors a friend of ours who owns a very rare MG indeed! Cyril Mellor from Burton-on-Trent in England was our visitor and he is the proud (and fortunate) owner of a 1928 MG 14/40. An MG, by the way, which was not built at Abingdon, but at…


Moss on the Move, Again

The story of shifting one million parts, 20 years of memories, and over 100 people into new premises. Longtime readers of “Moss Motoring” might remember a headline similar to the one above which we ran in 1984. At the time, we had outgrown our existing quarters in New Jersey and were moving to a new location….


Moss in New Zealand: The Pirelli Classic Tour

SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND, 1994 Saturday—JAGUAR READY! All aboard! George, Heather, Jeni, Ralph, and Russell pile into the Jag and we head 225 miles south to Dunedin to attend the mayoral reception and check-in. This was the start of a week of talking and eating, eating and talking, plus the normal extensive sampling of the local…


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