Welcome to the Summer 2006 issue of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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Supercharged!: Installing the New Moss Triumph TR6 Supercharger System

Regular British Motoring readers know that over that last few years, Moss Motors has been at the forefront of a new trend: retrofitting British classics with upgraded performance and technology. Modern overdrive transmissions, tubeshock conversions, electronic fuel injection systems, and a variety of supercharger kits have reinvigorated and revolutionized the sports car hobby. Classic car…


Tech Q&A: Rubber or Polyurethane Bushings?

Q: What are the differences between rubber and polyurethane bushings?   A: All original style rubber bushings allow movement by the rubber twisting in rotation. To ensure that this happens, the rubber must bond to either the suspension component, or be bonded to a steel sleeve which is mechanically attached to the component. There are…


Details, Details, Details: Tips & Tricks for Conquering the Car Show

One look at the British Motoring Calendar section says it all: there are more car shows in June, July, and August than the rest of the year combined. After a long Winter hibernation, even the most finely-detailed show cars can use a little elbow grease to whip them into shape. With an ever-increasing number of…


As Good As It Gets: Meet Steve and Linda Simmons, a Young Couple with a Serious MG Habit

The British car hobby, or any hobby for that matter, is more about people than things. Whether you collect stamps, comic books, or open-top roadsters, the true joy of owning something unusual comes from bonding with fellow enthusiasts, meeting people with similar interests, and making new friends. When it comes to collecting antique English vehicles,…


English Spirit

Braving Rain at the Rolling British Car Day By Dan Kahn We heard about the 11th Annual Rolling British Car Day a few weeks prior to the event. The concept was simple, yet brilliant: take advantage of the fantastic Southern California weather with not one, but two car shows, and throw in a parade and…


News: Summer 2006

20 Years Ago In Moss Motoring The summer 1986 issue of Moss Motoring carried a variety of interesting features, including a report on the Ocean-to-Ocean Tourist event, which departed from the Moss Motors facility in Rockaway, New Jersey, and eventually ended up in California. Forty-seven MG T Type cars – led by the famous Moss…


The Other Woman

Bob Muzio’s 1963 Jaguar XK-E By Dan Kahn Bob Muzio has a secret. He spends weekdays toiling as a service manager at a Southern California Volvo dealership, helping Swedish car owners with a smile, waving politely as they drive off in their airbag-equipped safetymobiles. Nights and weekends, the gregarious family man spends time in his…


TR6 Tech

Tips & Tricks for Making Your Triumph Drive as Good as it Looks By Rob Mullner; photos by Rob Mullner and Les Bidrawn As a long-time Triumph TR6 owner, I am frequently asked questions concerning what to do with a recently acquired project car and just how much time and money it will take to…


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