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The Moss Motors "Rotating Car Show"

I Went to Buy Parts…and a Car Show Broke Out

Some time ago I had a note from our Virginia warehouse. They wanted to put a car in the lunch room, and would this be okay. Having over the years known more than one car enthusiast who kept a car in his living room, I wasn’t immediately opposed. Besides, the cafeteria in the building was…


Reaching for the Top

Reviving the high-speed spirit of MG I’ve always been a fan of fast cars. My father took me to a number of stock car races, drag racing events and SCCA events over the years. Through it all, I developed a love of production based race cars—cars that were outwardly stock and bore a strong resemblance…


A History of MossTV A  few years ago some of the people from Moss Technical Support met to address a growing challenge. We had an overwhelming demand for technical support that was taxing our ability to provide the quality of service we wanted to make available. One of the proposed solutions was that we create a handful of…


TR4-6 Steering Column Wobble

Does your steering column flex when you pull up or down on the wheel? If so, check the flexible rubber steering column couplings first. If these appear to be in good shape, check the lower mounting bracket for cracks. It is located below the dash where the column passes through the firewall. You may have…


Kar Karma

All classic car owners love feel-good stories about long-forgotten cars brought back to their former beauty, winning car show awards and making owners proud. And we’ve all heard the scary stories about cars ruined and parts stolen by come-to-find-out disreputable shops. My car story is in the scary/sad category, but now has a potentially happier…

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Little Club. Big Heart.

We have a mouthful of a name: British Iron Touring Club of NW Arkansas. But we don’t formally use it that often. Normally it’s condensed to British Iron. You might not expect a dynamic British car club in the foothills of the Arkansas Ozarks, but for the last thirty or so years—starting with a few…


Now Is the Time

Keeping the Heart of British Cars Beating Strong A few months ago I was listening to Car Talk on NPR. Tom and Ray were joking about a 30-something year old employee who works in their shop and how he had never worked on a carburetor until the other day. That got me thinking about how,…


Healey Dream

A Restoration Journey Goes the Extra Mile As a kid, there were few things I found more enjoyable than to dismantle appliances around the house when nobody was looking. I started with radios and my 10-speed bike, then the lawnmower and the snowmobile carburetor. For the most part I could put it all back together…

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MGB and Its Impact on Me

I’ve thought a lot about this—anguished over it really. It is so hard for me to separate MGB from MG. The MGB has been the driving force of my business. We all enjoy the T-Series; love the curves of the MGAs; find the sedans from Ys to 1300s fascinating; wonder how the MGC was panned…

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The men behind the machines: John Thornley and Syd Enever.

The B-Team

I was devastated to learn of the closing of the Abingdon factory. The date was October 22, 1980, which, just my luck, happened to be my birthday. My friend Peter Franklin who was Public Relations Manager at the time, called to tell me the news. Management closed the doors two days early to avoid any…

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Taken from our first computerized issue of Moss Motoring, Fall 1987.

Full Circle

About a million years ago, we purchased a small competitor named Start Your Engines, located in Beltsville, MD. The deal included the usual stuff, like parts, mailing lists, and some employees. Okay, so we didn’t actually buy the employees, but one of them, in the form of our ace catalog man, Eric Wilhelm, has stayed…


The Highs and Lows of Differential Gear Ratios

How do you determine what gear ratio you have? Sages will tell you to look for numbers on the case, which is great if: a.    you can find them, and b.    the gear set hasn’t been changed by a nefarious past owner. The easiest way to determine the gear ratio is to jack up the…


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