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Morgan Co 3

Moss Morgan Challenge

Some of my friends participated in the Motoring Challenge in their MGs in 2013. It seemed like it could be a lot of fun. My wife and I thought it might be something we could do. We like touring in our car. Much more fun that sitting around at a car show. But my British…

41. O County - 1pt

Turning Over Moss Miles

Organized by Moss Motors, the Challenge was a contest, a scavenger hunt for places and things. A Challenge Guide had a hunting list of cities, counties, States, Provinces, Moss facilities, specific destinations, National Forests, National Parks, Car Shows and Bonus Points. Points, one or more were earned for each photo showing car (fitted with Moss…

Kings Beach, CA

I Wouldn’t Trade This

It all started with a Mustang…I was fresh out of college, starting my career, ogling cars I was resisting to buy, when one day the local Ford dealership got a used 2004 Saleen S289 SC. Of course I had to drool because the Mustang was one of my favorite cars. Not a few seconds later…


Challenger Spotlight: Madison Hutchinson

I’ve always been a “Gearhead Gal,” and always will be. I mean, c’mon, how can you not when you have a dad like mine? I grew up in the shop, covered in grease, and surrounded by beautiful cars. We’ve owned all types of them, but we’ve always had a thing for MGs (we’re on number…


Thanks for the Adventures!

Just some quick items from my driving adventures for the Moss Motoring Challenge: Driving south toward Tooele, top down, i heard a horn beep behind me, and as I looked left saw a Porsche Carerra, also top down, with the driver’s thumb in the air.  As he zipped by, I noticed his license plate:  AVAST!…


2015’s Youngest Challenger?

We really enjoyed the motoring challenge this year, after getting started last year and then never really continuing due to life and all that happens with that.  Our goal was to go for our usual fun drives, plan a route, and hopefully get a few points each time.  This meant sticking to back roads as…


Me and My Maggie

A couple of weeks ago, I was all set to round up a few more Challenge points. End the race to the finish on an up note. A city starting with an “E”, a laboratory, firetrucks, and a Christmas parade were on the agenda for that afternoon and into the evening. Maggie, my 73 TR6,…

4 Airport- Castle Airport with Air Force 1 (3)

California Cruisin’

My wife and I entitled our year of fun as “California Cruzin’”. Last year we visited four different states. We wanted to show off our little British car to my 90-year old mother, who lives in Utah. (Yes, she did go for a ride in it and loved it!) This year, we decided we wanted…


British V8 Motoring

I was surprised when my wife suggested that we enter the Moss Motoring Challenge. Lisa figured it would get us out of the house to experience our state. Tourists come from all over to visit Colorado, yet there was so much we hadn’t seen. That was shortly before Memorial Day – a late start –…

abby coming home

Abby’s Tale

It was a dark and dreary night in 1964 as the young student rolled onto the Kearney College campus in his newly purchased used 1959 Austin Healey Sprite. His pride and joy was a sports car that constantly drew admiring glances from the young girls, and life was good. The student used it for all…

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