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Climbing Polish Mountain

Forget the Sound of Music. On the first weekend of August, the hills near Flintstone, Maryland were alive with the sound of competition cars on a 1.2-mile, nine turn, rural road up Polish Mountain. Fred and Barney must love the deep-throated sound of the Yamaha-powered D Sports Racers, the Mustangs and Camaros, Mazdas and even…

The Nut Behind the Wheel: Fall 1999

My best buddy Bob, who never listens to my timely, quality Healey advice, is moving ever so slowly on his BJ8 restoration. While he is making some progress, he’s got some problems with sequencing and priorities. Like he hasn’t got any interior in the car yet and he’s concerned about getting full throttle. This tells…

Sprinzel Speaking

As I spent so many years playing with Sprites, folks think I have something against the “Big” Healey, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. I started motorsport around the time of the Healey 100’s introduction, and as many of the enthusiasts of the day, coveted one of these great-looking sports cars….

Restoring the Brake Servo Unit Vacuum Cylinder

The internal surface of the brake servo vacuum cylinder is coated with a dry film lubricant that can wear off with age. This prevents the vacuum piston from moving freely, resulting in erratic brake action. I suffered through several problems trying to restore the brake servo unit on my 1967 Austin Healey 3000 before locating…

Austin Healey 100-4, 100-6, & 3000

The Big Healeys…the name of a book (Moss No. 213-000) and a phrase spoken with reverence by all who love the cars that evolved from Donald Healey’s genius. They were big, in value performance and in the impact they had on the sports car marketplace between 1953 and 1967. The enthusiasm that follows them today…

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