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Triumph TR6 Brake Tech

By Jan Dawson; photography by Moss Motors staff It’s funny sometimes what your friends tease you about. And, it seems, the longer the friendship, the more teasing.  Certainly, that is the case with my friend Robert and me.  Our friendship has endured 22 years now and is bonded by the love of Triumphs, or something like…

Tech Q&A: Spring 2005

By Kelvin Dodd MGA Disc Brake Conversion I have a 1958 MGA and would like to change the front brakes from drum to discs. I have wire wheels. What’s the best way to do this? Is there a kit available or can I do the conversion with stock MGA or MGB parts? —Tony Colima Moss…

Tech Q&A: Fall 2003

By Kelvin Dodd Supercharger Stress I have a question about the MGB supercharger kit in the Summer 2003 issue: How does the use of a supercharger affect the stress experienced by the engine, piston connecting rods, etc.? —Tim Harrington The supercharger does a much better job of evenly filling the cylinders, so normal driving stress…


Installing a Third Brake Light

An aftermarket CHMSL improves safety By Tom Morr Center high-mounted stop lights (CHMSLs) became mandatory for all U.S. street-legal vehicles in the mid-’80s. The Department of Transportation theorized that greater brake light visibility would assist driver reaction times, thereby minimizing rear-end accidents. Many older cars come from the factory with small, dim brake lights—some seemingly…

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