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How to Ruin a Car Show

It’s easy. Just tell a proud owner you’re putting their car in this class, when they want to be in that one. I’ve seen it happen before, and likely been responsible myself. After hosting the British Car Festival in California for five years, and now preparing for our second Motorfest next summer, we’re still trying…


Men in Sheds – TVR & Trevor Wilkinson

Trevor Wilkinson was the classic example of the English tinkerers known as the “Men in Sheds.” Unhindered by structured education in engineering principles, most of these lads were self-taught or took their instruction on the fly when they could. Even before Trevor Wilkinson formed Trevcar in 1957, he had been building specials for himself and customers…


Next Round’s On Me

After many, many years of pining for a TR6, I was finally able to acquire a 1973 in remarkably good condition, which I drove to and fro along back roads and byways at breathtaking speeds. For four years, my manly mallard-hued motor was a ready companion, never failing to start, never failing to run, never…


1934 Singer 1.5-Liter Sports Tourer

Like Triumph, its Coventry neighbor, Singer Motors Limited started in business in 1874 as a bicycle manufacturer before turning to cars and commercial vehicles at the turn of the century. An established innovator in the industry, Singer brought to market the first practical small car that was an equal to contemporary larger cars (rather than…


Let’s Be Careful Out There

A close friend of mine was once married to Michael Conrad who is best remembered for his Emmy Award winning portrayal of Sergeant Phil Esterhaus on the police drama Hill Street Blues. In his role as the soft-spoken squad leader, Conrad was known for his parting words to his officers at the end of each…

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Dad’s Little Red Car: A Family Affair

Dad discovered his love for British cars when he was just 15 years old. He and his high school friend spent their spare time working on his friend’s Bug Eyed Sprite. It wasn’t long before Dad bought his own car­–a 1967 MGB GT for just $200. It needed some work but before he could finish…

By The Car Spy via Wikimedia Commons

What’s in a Name?

I was watching a TV program last fall with a handful of fellow Triumph owners. The episode covered some huge British car show in the Midwest. One half-hour of English automobiles—surely there would have to be an image of a sparkling TR3 or row of TR6s. But there wasn’t, not even in the corner of…

Found by British Cars

Old British cars seek me out. Honest. The more needy they are, the more likely they are to end up on my doorstep. Old British cars find me. In the Midwest, back in my misspent youth, it seemed there was always a family who took in strays of all varieties. It was usually a family…

By the Numbers

As promised at the end of my last article in Moss Motoring, I thought an essay on the intricacies of the British car license plate system might be of interest. I know most of our Transatlantic cousins frequently find this baffling, and those who read British classic car magazines may be particularly keen on learning the…

Best Ever! is the Verdict on 1995 Moss British Car Festival!

That’s what the attendees at this sun-drenched extravaganza told us as they reluctantly left the beautiful Flag Is Up Farms equestrian center on the final day. From early on Thursday through to the superb Sunday car show, over 400 participants enjoyed a feast of British car related activity mounted by our Special Projects wizard, Harry…

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