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Aston Martin and Abingdon – The Jacobs Midgets

Dick Jacobs already had an MG dealership and was an established racer when he was asked to drive one of the prototype alloy-bodied MGA racers in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1955 by his friends in the BMC Competition Department at Abingdon.The race, however, was ill-fated for almost all concerned and shortly after…

The MG Midget GTs

Midget GTs? That’s right, Midget GTs! The factory in Abingdon actually built Midget GTs. Well, at least three of them, and they had to be built in secret, so the mother company (BMC) would not find out. But this story starts out back in 1955 with a man named Dick Jacobs. Dick Jacobs was a successful…

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