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Editorial: Inside Moss R&D

Our commitment to manufacturing exciting new products By Robert Goldman You might think we would have run out of new product ideas by now. After all, it’s been 25 years since the last classic British sportscars rolled off the line. The facts are that we’re busier than ever imagining, designing, and fabricating our way through…

Editorial: The Best Trip Ever

This issue is about traveling, because British Sports Cars were designed to be driven—not to be museum pieces that slowly decay from lack of use. Our editorial staff determined that their most memorable British car moments were often found on the road. This highly scientific conclusion evolved over many pints of ale, much laughter, and…


Editorial: Emissions Laws

As Goes California, So Go The Other 49 By Ken Smith Recently, we had occasion to write to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (aka “The Terminator,” “The Governator”) to ask for his assistance in terminating Assembly Bill 2683, which constitutes a direct attack on the future of the old-car hobby. Jay Leno even made a personal…


Editorial: Drive ‘Em Like You Stole ‘Em?

Some British car owners forget about the “sport” aspect of sportscar ownership. Above and beyond attractive styling, these machines’ allure was world-class performance and handling. Most British sportscars were engineered to go 75 mph down the highways and handle elegantly in the process–not always comfortably, but mechanically capable nonetheless. Car enthusiasts tend to impose modern…


Editorial: Magazines and Parts Prices

Moss Motors ferrets out the best possible prices for our customers, even when that means squirreling away less profit. Love of British sportscars aside, Moss Motors customers have another common denominator: They aren’t shy. You let us know in no uncertain terms what you thought about our abbreviated edition of British Motoring. That issue was…

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Editorial: British Car Shows Breed Better Stories

By Robert Goldman This editorial was going to be a harangue about the lack of a truly big British car day in Southern California. We have as high a population of British classics here as anywhere in the U.S., yet it’s been years since Southern California could muster 500 cars all on the same day….

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Editorial: What’s Next?

By Leonard Emanuelson Nothing pumps up our enthusiasm like attending the VARA/Moss British Extravaganza—so many cars, so little time. In spite of threatening weather, a bumper crop of British sportscars attended. BM editor Tom Morr and myself hit the ground running, literally melting down the batteries in our digital Nikons. The event coverage in this…

Editorial – Fall 1987

One department within Moss Motors which we rarely discuss is returns. No one likes to return parts, but there are occasions when a return is necessary. You can simply pack the item in a box and send it back with no explanation, or you can call for a return authorization first. Admittedly, it sounds a…

Editorial – Spring 1986

It’s finally spring–time to get the car out of the garage and your pens and pencils out of your pocket You will be spending some time on the repair and maintenance of your car or possibly finishing a restoration. Now, while you’re right in the middle of things, is the ideal time to send us…

Editorial by RB Hart

From Moss Motoring 1985 by RB Hart Getting the wrong parts for your project is frustrating and time consuming for all concerned. We at Moss make every effort to see that you get what you have ordered and that what you have ordered is the appropriate part. Here are a few hints that will help…

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