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The Rude Awakening of a Dormant Bugeye

By Warren Mann “Hey Jon, just a heads up… six months till the Invasion!” On a cold March morning, I fired off a text message to my cousin, reminding him it might be a good time to dive into one of his Healey projects so that he’d be ready for the long drive to Stowe,…


Restoring a Classic British Engine

Cleaning, Prep, Machining and Assembly WHAT YOU CAN CLEAN YOURSELF The rule with engine building is clean, clean, and then clean some more. Items that don’t move, like valve covers, front and rear engine plates, lifter covers, timing covers, distributor bases, etc., you can clean yourself. First, scrape off old gaskets as much as you…

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The Big Engine that Could

Jaguar’s XK series wakes the post-war world America’s love affair with the automobile is so well documented, it has become more than just a cliché—it has moved comfortably into the banal land of things that are taken for granted. Consumers are spoiled brats of industry to an extent, wanting to see a new car model…

How to Install an Engine Yourself

Any serious enthusiast who has ever contemplated pulling an engine, and has peered beneath the bonnet, will realize immediately that because of the angle of the mounting flanges on the front engine plate it would be mathematically impossible to slip the engine onto the motor mounts if it were not for the fact that the…

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