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Ladies Day Ohio Valley Autocross June 2014

This One’s For The Ladies

I suppose the male Healey owner, as well as others of his kind, would like to crack the mystical feminine psyche to discover how to best attract, convince and cajole us ladies to see things their way. “Their way” translates to us ladies being cheerfully agreeable when accompanying them to car events. So once you’ve…

Event Submission

Moss is excited to share your event or meeting on our annual Event Calendar. Car clubs and events preserve motoring culture while creating a sense of community across the country, and we are proud to commit our support! Please submit your request at least 6 weeks prior to your event. If you are having any…


Import Carlisle: Soggy, but Fun

By Kathleen M. Mangan Thanks to this year’s British Invasion theme, the Carlisle Import/Kit-Replicar Nationals—held May 16-18 in Carlisle, Penn.—had a great turnout among all of the British marques. The sun’s rays on Saturday added sparkle to the chrome trim and smiles on the faces of foreign car enthusiasts. The cheerful, topdown day was unfortunately…


MGs Rule at Mid Ohio

MGs Rule at Mid Ohio, October 12-14, 2007 By Greg Prehodka, MG Vintage Racers; photography by Daniel Mainzer and  John Ruth It was almost a perfect weekend! The MG Vintage Racers had their annual “Focus Event” with VSCDA at Mid-Ohio in October, where all MGs were encouraged to come out and race. They came from Massachusetts to California…

cars and coffee logo

Cars & Coffee Show

Cars ‘n Coffee Show, every Saturday morning, 7 to 9 a.m., Irvine, California By Rob Mullner, photography by the Author We can thank the Internet for many things; chief among them is the ease with which it puts information at our fingertips. Activities like finding cars, parts and like-minded people for our favorite hobby for…


Britfest 2007

By Ken Smith; photography by Moss Motors staff Britfest 2007, sponsored by Moss Motors and Castrol and hosted by the MG Car Club Central Jersey Centre, was held Saturday May 5 at Horseshoe Lake Park in Succasunna, New Jersey. As the first all British car show of the season, this show is the annual wake-up…


Car Show Spectacular

Whoever said that British car shows ain’t what they used to be hasn’t been to one recently. Just as used to span the globe to cover the constant variety of sports, we spent the summer and fall attending British car shows. Here are highlights of five outstanding meets. Whoever said that British car shows ain’t…

The Moss Club & Event RV Hitting the Road In Style

(After Ken and Barbara Smith logged over 5,000 miles while visiting countless states to attend British sports car events all over the country in their bright yellow ’78 MGB, it seemed that the time had come for Moss Motors to purchase a company RV. Although Ken and Barb proved that an MGB could hold an…

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