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Loud Pedal: Fall 2007

It’s driving season. To keep your car in top shape, get out and go. By Robert Goldman On an unassuming street, in a nondescript building, in a suburb of Philadelphia, lurks an incredible private car collection. At the recent Vintage Triumph Register convention at Valley Forge, PA, I happened to be in the right place at…


Britfest 2007

By Ken Smith; photography by Moss Motors staff Britfest 2007, sponsored by Moss Motors and Castrol and hosted by the MG Car Club Central Jersey Centre, was held Saturday May 5 at Horseshoe Lake Park in Succasunna, New Jersey. As the first all British car show of the season, this show is the annual wake-up…


Write Seat: Fall 2006

Forces not fully understood By Robert Goldman To borrow part of a cartoon caption from the great Gary Larsen, “Suddenly, through forces not yet fully understood,” a field in the middle of seemingly nowhere became the locus of 1,100 MG cars. Standing there in the middle of the show, I felt as though I was up…

Tech Q&A: Fall 2005

By Kelvin Dodd Bushings and Ride Height I recently installed new front and rear suspension bushings in my car and now it doesn’t sit level. How can the bushings change the ride height? —Jeremy Feldman The answer requires a brief description of the three major types of bushings used in British car suspensions: Unsupported rubber:…


The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Mini in America

By Joy Keller Think back to America’s roads in the ’50s. Cities and towns were connected by long, straight stretches of highway. Detroit was cranking out hulking metal beasts that seemed to serve a single purpose: to take the American family to Grandma’s house on Sunday. It was a time for change, but American drivers…


Tech Tips: Fall 2000

Speedometer and Tachometer Quick Check When picking through the instrument box at a swapmeet or looking at a British used car parts store, bring along a battery-powered portable drill. Set it to the highest speed setting and install a large Robinson screwdriver (or similar) bit in the chuck. Insert the bit into the cable input…

Under the Bonnet: Fall 1991

Cleaner Running Emission control, once dirty words to many automobile enthusiasts, is now accepted as a necessary fact of life. Even those of us who drive pre-pollution control cars can do our part to minimize our cars’ adverse effects on the air we breathe, and, at the same time, have our engines run better and…

Through the Windscreen: Fall 1991

Ken Smith Club & events Coordinator Salutations from the Moss Club and Event RV—the Mossmobile! Once again on the road to British car meetings across the USA, we have hauled the RV some 3,500 miles through the deserts of the southwest, across the great plains of Oklahoma and Kansas (witnessing some of the havoc left…

Tech Tips: Fall 1991

Overheating Overheating may be caused by improper point gap, incorrect timing, a bad radiator cap, sludge in the cooling system, dragging brakes, loose fan belt, defective thermostat (or no thermostat) or no water in the system. Check these first if you have an overheating problem. Oil Filter Over tightening the filter center fixing bolt can…

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