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Mom’s Car

It was a stunning Sunday afternoon in Texas, a top down day if there ever was one. As I drove with a cigar set firmly between my teeth, I took in all the senses that only a car like this can provide, senses poetically described by the rock band Rush, in a song from their…


My Father’s Daughter

My dad has always had a special radar for spotting classic cars on the street and quickly shouting out the year, make and model. For my brother, sister and I, the shout outs were part of our upbringing. Still today it amazes me that he can look at a car for a split second and…

Monica’s Restoration

People order things online all the time—books, clothes, electronics, and so on. Not many buy a rusted out British sportscar and ship it 400 miles, uncovered, in northeast November weather. And, for those that do, few of these projects become completed, road-worthy cars. And of those that get finished, I only know of one that…

Dad looking back 1998

Minor Life Moments

I have come to realize that the month of June 2013 marks the 53rd year of my personal involvement with a single particular Morris Minor—a pearl grey, red interior tourer that was purchased on an overseas delivery program by my late father, Rear Admiral Joseph F. Quilter of Portola Valley California.  The history of this…

Kelly’s Car

Our LBC came from Kelly’s best friend and her husband. I saw it under a cover in their garage and inquired about it. They had rescued it from a field in California years earlier and had worked on it together as a project. They didn’t use it anymore and said they would probably sell it soon….


Check Out the Challengers

Every so often we will post some pictures of the folks out there who are taking the Challenge. Many of the photos are sent in in order to earn the “Sneak Peek” bonus points. Others are just for fun. If you’d like to add your favorite shots to the bunch, send them along with a…

I have no pictures of my first MGB. I didn't even have a camera back then!

You Never Forget Your First

I tend to be more into history than nostalgia, but the long nights have been a good time for reflection. When I first started dating my wife in 1987, I picked her up in my first MGB. And it wasn’t even a particularly good example of one, either. Rather tatty, actually—a calico combination of orange…

Five years after its rescue, the TD made its debut at the Western Washington ABFM, where it won 2nd place in its class.

My Little Red Therapist

Over the years, there have been times when I thought car projects would drive me crazy. My son Jonathan and I both owned MGBs that we maintained and restored. Armed with the shop manual, every MG repair book written, Moss catalogs, and a good supply of parts, I learned a lot about how to keep…


Saving Bobbet

(Authors note: This story is part fiction and part fact, the names have been changed to protect, well…me obviously.) Part One: Discovery It was a dark and stormy night…no it wasn’t either, it was a rainy Wednesday morning, really. March, 31st, 2004, look it up. I had just stopped by the heating and cooling repair…

A complete stranger let me drive his car. I don't have a license! Who does that?!

Facial Hair Not Required

I walked around the car show feeling very out of my element. Of course I am a HUGE car fan and my family complains endlessly about my obsession of the show Top Gear (the UK version of course—the others are just lame), but I only have a brain full of facts about cars going back…

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