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Frozen Brake Caliper

How am I supposed to get THAT out? When that question comes up, an argument takes place in my brain. Half of my brain tells me I can’t do it, the other side is all can-do. The pessimist side telling the optimist side I can’t do something is like telling a dog he can’t sniff…

Crankcase Ventilation

Being a mechanic, not an automotive engineer or lawyer, I suggest you treat the message below as something to think about, not as absolute wisdom or legal advice. Two reasons for crankcase ventilation (a system of positive, purging air flow through the engine): 1) Purging water condensation from the crankcase. We all have seen the…


Tech – How To Install Rust Repair Panels

From Moss Motoring 1984 As most of our readers know, Moss Motors sells a wide range of Rust Repair Panels. We are often asked how easy it is for the amateur to install them. Provided you have the right equipment, a reasonable level of mechanical aptitude and a car that is not totally rusted out,…

Video: Generator to Alternator Conversion

Video: Generator to Alternator Conversion

Alternator conversion and alternator change Some of us have given up our old generator and moved ahead to an alternator. Some of us have moved from an old style alternator to a more modern and more efficient alternator. If you are the kind of classic car owner that likes to blend the classic with the…

Video: LED Installation and Common Issues

Video: LED Installation and Common Issues

LED lights use Light Emitting Diodes to produce light. Most of us already know… 1 LED bulbs can be significantly brighter than conventional bulbs. 2 LED bulbs consume a tiny fraction of the electricity a conventional bulb consumes. That’s a big help when you are sitting in traffic with several demands on your electrical system…

Cary Smith of Specialized Welding running a MIG bead.

Choosing a Welding Machine

Sparking Controversy: Which welding machine is right for you? Sooner or later it’s going to happen and you won’t resist the urge any longer. You’re going to get a welding machine. But what kind? What type of welding you plan to do. What projects may arise in the future that you might need a better…

Of course you love driving your British classic, but are all systems go? Before heading out for that next excursion, a quick rundown can ensure your mount is up for the journey.

Restoration Break-In

You’ve poured your life, soul and wallet into restoring your classic car for the past few years, and things have gone pretty well. You’ve done most of the work yourself, hiring only a few professionals along the way when you haven’t had the time, skills or equipment. The day finally comes when you go for…


Gearbox Part 2: Transmission Removal

Click Here for Gearbox Part 1: Teardown Inspection Most British transmissions either come out through the interior of the car (Cars with removable transmission tunnels such as Triumph GT6, Spitfire, Herald, TR2, 3, 3A, 4, 4A, 250 and 6,  Austin Healey 100, 100/6 and 3000) or require the engine to be removed in order to…

Vince XKE 025

Pint Size Projects

The following Tech articles are the creations of Mike McPhail. They were originally written for the members of the car clubs Mike is active with: the Gulf Coast Austin-Healey Club and the Hill Country Triumph Club. With thanks to the two clubs and to Mike, the articles are available here (with more to come!). These tech tips…


Pint Size Project — Replacing the Steering Wheel

I spent a couple of hours today installing a Moto-Lita steering wheel on an Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8. This car was equipped with the original adjustable wheel, which was optional on some models. It is nearly the same as what came on many Triumph TR3s. In some ways it is easier to install the new wheel on…

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